Musk Reveals the Price of The Ticket to Mars

How much will the trip to the red planet cost? Now Elon Musk has given a ticket price – and according to the contractor, everyone who owns a property should be able to afford to move to Mars.

Elon Musk has ideas on all aspects of a Mars colonization, and already this year, Space X will test the craft that will take the Earthlings there. The entrepreneur himself has expressed an interest in moving to the planet, and it is on Twitter that he makes an estimate of the upcoming fare.

“Of course, the sum depends on how many people travel, but I’m convinced that a move to Mars will one day cost under $ 500,000, and maybe even under $ 100,000. It’s probably low for most people living in an advanced economy to be able to sell their home on earth move to Mars, if they want to, ”Elon Musk writes on Twitter.

According to Independent, the return trip to earth should be free. Space X spacecraft Starship will be able to carry 100 passengers over 55 million kilometers – a journey that is expected to take between 150-200 days. Later this year, a test launch of Starship will take place. On Twitter, a number of enthusiasts asked if there is any way that the public can help to speed up the Mars project.

“The public’s consent is crucial to Starship’s success,” Musk writes in a post.

He promises to keep the public informed about successes as well as adversities.


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