New study says hundreds of US cities will soon be submerged.

Climate Central’s study shows that historic carbon emissions have locked in sufficient future sea level rises to bring several hundred American cities and towns under water. This research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (citation below) The study warns that more than 1 ,500 US cities and towns could become submerged if pollution levels continue to rise. The researchers published a Abstract in the journal stating that “Analysis using previously published relationships linking carbon emissions to warming or warming to rise would indicate that an unabated carbon emission up to the year 2100 would cause an eventual global sea level rise of 4.3-9.9m.” These are the US cities (orange, white), that could be submerged if the sea levels rise just 5ft by the end this century. Source: Climate Central. The animation timeline below shows year-by-year how water could lock these cities in. Researchers propose an alternate timeline that relies on drastic carbon reductions, and could result in fewer 700 cities being submerged. The US and individual states can be viewed as the threat unfolds, along with the possible fate for each county. To begin, click on the “Start” button. Climate Central says that Climate Central’s research doesn’t project and the animation doesn’t show when. “Rather, we assess how much carbon pollution has been accumulated under each scenario to predict future sea levels rising posing existential risks for each city or town — seas that could cause land to be submerged where there is more than half of our population. The summary of the findings and research is here. Most Miami will sink. Unless you’re a Republican presidential candidate, most people have accepted that climate change will happen and the oceans will rise. Tim Elfrink of Miami New Times wrote in the report that low-lying Miami-Dade County, Florida, will eventually be entirely submerged. According to Mr. Elfrink, “The most recent evidence was presented yesterday with a study which found that even in the best scenario of massive reductions in carbon emissions globally in the near future, the majority of Miami will still be under water.” It’s likely too late for Dade County. Citation: “Carbon Choices Determine US Cities Committed to Futures Below Sea Level,” Benjamin H. Strauss and Scott Kulp. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. October 2015. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1511186112. Interactive: US Cities That Could Be Lost to the Sea. Click below to start.


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