Promotional Sunglasses, an efficient marketing commodity

As it is said in a common proverb, the eyes are the gateway to one’s mind. The first thing that most people notice while taking a look at you is your eyes. This makes eye gears or sunglasses one of the most noticed and most used accessories.

Depending upon the usage, sunglasses can be of various types, starting from sports sunglasses to party wear and ultraviolet protection sunglasses. They can be worn for outdoor pursuits basically at any time and for any occasion. Persons from all ages and spheres of life use sunglasses and hence they are a good choice to popularise a brand or product.


Popular types of sunglasses

  • Aviator Sunglasses

Pilots formerly used aviators to shield their eyes while flying. Aviators have now transitioned from a necessary protective accessory to a must-have fashion item. Their kaleidoscope brilliant lenses and vintage thin metal frames are very recognizable. They are one of the most popular and versatile styles of sunglasses throughout history. Almost all designers now carry their own aviator, despite the fact that Ray-Ban invented this style of sunglasses originally. 

  • Wrap Sunglasses

Wrap sunglasses also referred to as shield sunglasses, are regarded as excellent for sports and outdoor activities requiring a lot of physical movements. For active lifestyles, their utility and design are perfect. Since their frame design surrounds your head, offering additional coverage and a wider range of vision, wrap sunglasses get their name. Players and those who enjoy participating in sports are the main consumers of these sorts of sunglasses.

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban disproved the notion that lightning never strikes the same spot twice. After already having massive success with the Aviator,  Ray-Ban also produced the Wayfarer style of sunglasses. Because of advancements in molding techniques, Ray-Ban was able to abandon metal frames and provide lenses in a more contemporary design. Wayfarers resemble squares but have rounded corners that give them a more relaxed appearance.

Why Sunglasses are effective promotional gifts

  • Eyes, as known to all, is the primary feature of your face that is first noticed by someone looking at you. A promotional eyewear is therefore expected to catch the eyes of the audience very quickly. Also, it is expected to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience.
  • There is no fear of wastage of the allotted budget, since sunglasses have a high probability to impress your customers. They are used for many purposes and moreover come into notice most quickly.
  • Everyone from all runs of life and all ages are attracted towards sunglasses. In such cases using a sunglass as a promotional gift can definitely be beneficial for any company or organization as it is a very commonly and regularly used commodity which catches the public eye once it is of a good style.
  • Sunglasses are really effective marketing promotional gifts for outdoor marketing events. Since they are primarily worn outdoors, people passing by won’t be reluctant to give it a try and thereby the marketing aspect of the entire venture is expected to be fulfilled with good efficiency.
  • Apart from all these factors, sunglasses have a decent retaining time. This means a sunglass will be used and retained by an individual for quite a long period of time. Also, every time it is used the public eye is expected to get attracted to it. Hence, sunglasses will continue to spread your promotional message or artwork for a prolonged period of time, in some cases a lot more than other promotional gifts.

Consider these to choose the ideal promotional sunglasses

  • Purpose and Quality

These two elements might be viewed as the two most crucial ones to take into account when choosing promotional sunglasses. Unisex and multi-purpose sunglasses are expected to be used more regularly and presented in front of the public more frequently. Whereas, the artistry or corporate trademark will be advertised to the public for a longer amount of time if a good quality sunglass is chosen as a promotional gift since it will have a much longer retaining time. As a result, it is envisaged that consumers or the target market would observe the corporate branding or logo much more often, so assisting the company in effectively achieving its goal.

  • Style

Style is an important factor in the case of sunglasses which needs to be selected effectively in order to benefit maximum from your marketing campaign. As we all know that fashion is a rapidly and ever-changing process, trending stuff of today can very well be neglected tomorrow. This thing spacially applies in the case of sunglasses. There have been many models of sunglasses which have become obsolete with the passage of time and many more have never been able to grab the market considerably. On the other hand, styles of sunglasses like Wayfarer and Aviator have a fabulous reputation amongst the masses which still keeps them relevant till date despite their origin dating back to quite a few decades. Therefore, it is the safest option to go by popular public opinion while choosing a sunglass meant for advertising purposes.

  • Other factors to consider

A few other points to note while choosing promo sunglasses include recognising the demographics of the target audience for whom the campaign is planned, keeping in mind the average size required to fit the most number of people, and of course, the price of each item being purchased. Everyone likes to feel stylish and cool, so choosing a promotional sunglass with a well-known design is a good idea.

Printing the promotional message on the sunglass

There are two basic processes through which you can get the promotional message or company logo printed on the sunglasses intended for promotion. They are Screen Printing and Engraving. Promotional sunglasses meant for certain temporary events or campaigns mostly have the message or logo printed on them. Whereas, sunglass manufacturing companies use the engraving technique to get their desired graphics or message on sunglasses.


Sunglasses are certainly among the most effective promotional items, much like t-shirts, caps, and other commodities used for promotion. As already mentioned earlier a sunglass stands out from other promotional items since it is an eye gear which is the first thing someone notices while looking at you and also due to the fact that it is an accessory used by anyone and everyone irrespective of age, gender or purpose.

The general reliability of a sunglass also ensures that it will be worn for a longer period of time, exposing the company branding to the public and serving the organization’s intended marketing goal each time.


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