Review: How to Choose The Right iPad For Your Needs

Looking for a new iPad? There are no less than four different models to choose from – so you choose the right one from the snarky specifications and the sometimes complicated names.

If you are looking for a new Ipad, you have four different models today to choose from in three fairly distinct categories: Budget, consisting of Ipad. An intermediate class consisting of Ipad Mini and Ipad Air. And so the professional category, where the iPad Pro with its two sizes houses.

The iPad Pro models cost a lot more than the others, but also have the sharpest processor and best possible displays. Previously, only the Pro models supported Apple Pencil, but now the pen can be used with all models, as long as you buy the right pen.

Ipad Pro 11 inch (2018) – gentleman on the carpet

Ipad Pro is Apple’s arguably the most ambitious – and best – Ipad to date. Just like in Iphone X and later, here is a full screen, Face ID that logs us in just by looking at the device and gestures replacing the previous home button. Charging now takes place via usb-c.

For Apple Pencil users, the best news is that the pen is now smaller and lighter, with better grip, and that charging is almost invisible. The pen is attached to one long side with magnets where it can be charged and stored in the same place.

Unfortunately, all the accessories (Smart Cover, Smart Keyboard Folio and new Apple Pencil) as well as the Ipad Pro itself have become considerably more expensive than before. A package with the base model of Ipad Pro 11 inches, a Smart Cover and an Apple Pencil together cost around $1,300, so for anyone who upgrades from a previous model and wants all the accessories, the cost is great.

A new model of Ipad Pro is expected to be launched in the spring of 2020, so if you are not in a hurry with the new purchase, the new model may be suitable to wait in.

In short, the best iPad that can be bought. Brilliant display, good sound and a processor that is probably faster than your computer. Same gestures as on Iphone without home button. Support for Smart Keyboard Folio.

What’s missing: Only available in two colors, silver and gray.

Apple Pencil: Yes, second generation.

Best for: You who do not want to give up on any front, and who have become used to Face ID and gestures instead of home button on your Iphone.

Ipad Pro 12.9 inches (2018) – still the biggest

The small model of the Ipad Pro has grown from 10.5 inches to 11 inches, but arguably the biggest is still this 12.9-inch model. The larger screen not only provides more space for videos, games and other apps, it also allows us to work with two apps side by side, at full size. On the small Ipad Pro, it naturally gets a little narrower with two apps.

The processor, display technology and other components on the inside are the same in both Ipad Pro models, but if you plan to use your Ipad many hours each day, maybe with several apps on the screen at the same time, the larger screen area is good to have. If you buy a keyboard, it is also a little bigger and more comfortable to type.

Everything in the small Ipad Pro, plus a monster screen that’s perfect for multitasking or as a large canvas for your items. Support for Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil (gen 2).

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