Rolls-Royce Shows Electric Aircraft

An electric airplane that will set a new speed record. Rolls-Royce has now premiered a model that they hope to get into the record books this spring.

Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has great ambitions when it comes to electrification. And one of the projects they want to showcase this spring – this in the form of an electric aircraft they hope will set a new speed record. The plane, which is part of the project “Acceleration the Electrification of Flight” (ACCEL), has the goal of breaking the 300 mph limit, which means it will fly faster than 480 km / h.

The plane was uncovered at Gloucestershire Airport. According to Rolls-Royce, ACCEL should sit on several technical news. Among other things, it is claimed that the battery has the highest energy density ever put in an aircraft. Exactly what it means is not specified, but the manufacturer says it is enough to fly 200 miles (321 km) on a charge.

– Building the world’s fastest electric aircraft is nothing short of a revolutionary change in aviation. This is not only an important step towards a world record, but also a way to help Rolls-Royce develop skills and make sure that we are at the forefront of technology development and that we play a fundamental role in the transition to a low-cost global economy. emissions, says Rob Watson, chief of Rolls-Royce Electrical, in a statement.

The aircraft’s propeller is driven by three electric axial motors and compared to a conventional plane, the propeller spins at much lower rpm.

Together, they deliver a maximum of 750 horsepower (500 hp in the march) and during the record attempt an energy efficiency of 90 percent is promised. The record attempt will take place in spring 2020, and until then all systems will be tested.


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