Russia Has Started Testing its Independent Internet

Photo: Voa News

The goal is a domestic Internet with no need for international servers. Now Russia has started testing its new system.

In November 2019, a new law came into force in Russia, enabling the country to build the infrastructure needed to build a domestic Internet. With the Russian Internet, Runet, it should be possible to disconnect all Internet traffic from international servers.

Now the country has also started testing its new system, reports Techcrunch, among others. It will be about vulnerability tests of the Internet of Things, but also tests of how the local network copes with “external negative influences”.

One of the stated goals of the Russian, independent, internet is defense. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Runet aims to “prevent the negative consequences of global disconnection from the global network, which is largely controlled from abroad” and avoid Russia being cut off from the Internet.

But critics are worried that the domestic network will be much easier to control and control. One concern is that, just like in China, users can be excluded from certain websites, apps and services.

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