Sega Goes from Plastic to Recycled Cardboard for its Game Packaging

Sega has decided to move away from plastic-based packaging for its games, initially PC titles, and will instead claim, for example, Total War and Football Manager in recycled cardboard. The company tested this grip already last year with the latter series and only there they expected to save 20 tons of plastic. The new packaging is more expensive to manufacture but on the other hand is completely recyclable.

This initiative is in line with Sega Europe’s commitment to reducing the plastic waste and the ongoing work to implement environmentally friendly business practices, Sega Europe CEO Gary Dale writes in a statement to Games industry.

At this stage, only PC titles are distributed in Europe, such as studios such as Relic, Two Point, Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly. As for consoles, Sega writes that they must follow the guidelines of the respective console manufacturers and simply cannot make their own packaging.

Sega also calls on the rest of the industry to follow their example to minimize environmental impact, both in terms of plastic production and potential debris.


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