Smart Locks for Your Door – Complete Guide

Technology is constantly advancing and often means that things become a little easier and safer. The home can be upgraded in many ways and you may already have smart lighting and a smart TV, but one thing that can really make everyday life easier and safer is a smart lock. In this post, we will list the benefits of smart locks and look closer at what smart locks in your home has to offer.

Your phone will be your new key

Our pockets have never been more crowded than they are right now. The phone takes up a lot of space in the pocket and it has deserved its place as it is the digital Swiss army knife of our time. One thing the phone has not been able to do is unlock the door, but if you have installed a smart lock, it can. By pairing it via Bluetooth, you get easy access to the home, without having to bother with keys. In addition, it will be a smart extra key if for some reason you should lose your keys.

The ability to send e-keys

There are many times when you may want to let someone into your home without you being there. With a smart lock, you can send e-keys to friends and acquaintances so that they do not have to wait outside. There are also many other occasions when it can be handy with an e-key. Here are a few scenarios where e-keys make life easier:

  • When you rent out your apartment or cottage through Airbnb or similar services
  • When you are going to sell your home, you can give the broker an e-key
  • When you should receive a delivery of some kind but can not be on site and receive it
  • When you want to let a friend in while he or she is waiting for you to come home

Better security

In addition to smart locks being more secure than regular locks, they can also be connected to your other smart home, such as security cameras, to create a secure overall picture. Because you can control your lock via your phone, you can lock the door wherever you are, which means that you never have to suffer from that horrible feeling that can occur when you are not really sure if you have locked the door or not… when you are on the plane on your way to the summer destination.

Have an expert install your smart lock

Many smart locks can be installed on your own, but a technical hand may be required to get it done correctly, especially considering that everything must be synchronized with your other smart devices. If you buy a smart lock for someone else, for example as a gift for a parent or grandparent, then we recommend that you also include the installation in the gift.

Smart locks have been on the market for a while now, and more and more people are starting to switch to this digital alternative. Why then do more and more people choose smart locks? We have listed the five main reasons:

1. Life gets a little easier

The classic heavy keychain may soon be a thing of the past. If there is one thing we never forget when we leave home, it is the mobile phone, and since it can already do everything from heaven to earth, it is good that it can also be used to lock and unlock the door. Smart locks simply make everyday life a little easier, which is always appreciated.

2. Distribute temporary keys

Most smart locks allow you to hand out temporary keys. This is fantastically practical when, for example, the mother-in-law is on her way home to you, but you are stuck at work. Previously, she had had to wait in the car, but with a smart lock, just hand out a temporary key and let her in. These codes can often, depending on the provider, be set on time, which means that you do not even have to remember to deactivate the code later in the evening.

3. Rent your accommodation

It has become increasingly popular among private individuals to rent out their accommodation, for example via AirBnB. If you have ever done so, you have probably received a call in the middle of the night from a guest who arrives a little earlier or later than expected. The advantage of smart locks is that you do not have to give your guests any physical keys, instead you can just like in the example above simply hand out a digital key.

4. Did I really lock the door?

Most of us have been in a situation where we are not quite sure if we locked the door or not. It gets worse if you start wandering around in these thoughts right after you get on the plane on the way to the summer holidays. A digital lock that is connected to your Wi-Fi connection allows you to lock and unlock the door no matter where you are. Just log in to the app and see if the door is locked or not – and thus you can go on holiday with a calm mind.

5. Keep your old keys

Even if you feel ready for a digital alternative, many people do not feel completely secure in completely abolishing the physical keys. What happens, for example, if the mobile phone’s battery runs out? Or if some other technical problem prevents you from entering. Fortunately, most smart locks allow you to keep your old keys and use them just as usual, in case you do not feel so digital for the day. Other locks, such as the Yale Doorman, also give you a key fob that can also be combined with a code.


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