Soon you can Play Xbox on TV – Without a Console

The recently released Xbox Series X and S are affordable in terms of performance. But soon it may be much cheaper to play Xbox games on TV.

Microsoft has plans to package its streaming service Xcloud as an app specially developed for TVs.

– I think it will happen within a year. I do not think anything can stop us from doing that, says Xbox CEO Phil Spencer in an interview with technology site The Verge.

Right now, Xcloud is available as an app for Android phones, and Microsoft is also looking at making a web-based version in order to circumvent Apple’s strict rules for iOS. To be able to play on Android – which Ny Teknik, among other things, tested with good results over the 5g network – only a hand control and a Game Pass subscription are required. The same controller and subscription could be used for an Xcloud app on the TV.

The console on which the streamed game runs is located in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Next year, the cloud fleet will be upgraded to Xbox Series X performance.

There is, of course, a major disadvantage to streaming video games: the user must have a fast and reliable connection for the experience to be acceptable.

But even for those who have opted for an Xbox Series X or S, there could potentially be benefits to Microsoft’s investment in streaming. One scenario mentioned in The Verge interview is that players with a home console can quickly start streaming a game before deciding if it’s worth downloading.


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