Technology And Its Development In Modern Society

Today we see it as a matter of course with all the technology that is around us in our everyday lives. Most of us probably don’t even reflect on what life would look like without all this technology. Most of our society today is governed by some form of technology and we are moving more and more towards a paperless society. Most of what was previously in paper form is now available in digital form in various ways, and we are constantly connected to some form of network that makes it possible to use the Internet to search for information and read the news, for example. But today we still use some of the technological inventions that broke through a long time ago.

The TV, the phone and the computer are examples of some inventions that are still with us today, though in slightly more developed and high-tech form. The first televisions began to become popular around the world after the Second World War, and the success was then a fact.

Initially, the programs were only broadcasted in black and white, but quite soon they also invented the technology to transmit in color. However, the black and white televisions stayed for a while. The phone was invented and patented in the late 1800s, and since then it has become one of the most important technological inventions we have. The ability to communicate easily with another human being wherever you are has greatly facilitated our lives in modern society.

The Development Of The Phone

From the beginning, the phone was just something you used to communicate with through speech. Today we have our whole lives built into the phone. Talking on the phone as you did before has also been exchanged for chatting, texting and video calls. The phone was invented at the end of the 1870s.

When the phone was invented, it became possible for the first time to communicate directly with other people. The telephone had a system of switches and wires owned by a telephone operator and used by the subscriber himself from home. The phone is today, the most widely used device for communication and it is everywhere whether it is the job or the home, and it is in your pocket or purse all the time.

Computer Development

In the 1940s, the first computers were built, after a few years came the first electronic computers, they were mainly used to calculate artillery trajectories and to crack secret code messages received from enemies. It was during the Second World War that these machines, so large that they could fill an entire room, were built to win the war.

Since then, the development of computer technology has gone very fast. As personal computers and the Internet began to become more and more popular, demand grew even more. Now the Internet is the largest source of information. Today you can find computer technology everywhere around us and it has made our lives so much easier. It can be found in health care, education systems, administration, banking, transport, communication and law enforcement.

A Paperless Society – Digitalization

Countries are striving for a paperless society and it is not just about reducing the use of paper, it is about digitizing processes for people so that they can do their jobs more efficiently and avoid all unnecessary and tedious work, both inside and outside the workplace. It has long been discussed what a paperless society can mean for nature if it really is an effective way to reduce emissions? Increased digitization can also mean increased electricity use or the use of fossil fuels in other areas. There are many advantages to using paper and pencil over a digital alternative. The simplicity of using pen and paper to visualize a sketch or idea has long been superior to the digital alternative.

Today’s Society And Future

Technological development has been positive so far, the opportunities to develop the society and make everyday life easier and more fun. If you look at the development of the internet, it has gone very fast. There were people who said that the internet was just a trend and that it would soon go over. We didn’t think people would spend so much time in front of the computer.

Our entire society is based on this network. But many people are against technology development, just because they are a little afraid of technology. Can this technology give us a paperless society and is it so much better? Just think of the energy consumed with mobiles and computers. Was it perhaps better in the past, as many think? What do you think?


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