This is How the Technology Works in a Drone

The drone is becoming increasingly popular – and under the shell, there is a lot of interesting technology. In this article, we will look closer at just that.
You’ve probably seen drone videos both once and twice. And these unmanned flying vehicles are becoming more common.

The special sound of a drone makes it easy to mistake it for a bee swarm.

But how do they work?

For starters, it is a “steady-cam”, which is used to film straight, calm and fine. The gyro card in the camera controls where to aim. So when the drone changes direction, the camera will not be affected by this.

It also has a fan of course. It’s modern electronics, it’s getting hot.

The legs can only be found on the drone for landing. But the fact is that all antennas also go down in the legs. This way, the antennas are removed from the electronics. Now we have the most importanat part – the engine.

Powerful cables run from the battery to the motor boards, that is, the cards that control the four motors.

In the middle of the main part of the drone sits the flight control itself, the part that tells the engine parts what to do. It sits above other parts to remove vibration. It wants to have as calm of a world as possible. The glasses on the drone are ultrasonic meters. They are directed downwards and send signals downwards to measure the distance to the ground.

Next to these are two cameras that are also facing down. On the opposite side are two more cameras, but which are facing forward. They are designed to avoid collisions. Hidden under the shell is also a GPS module.


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