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All you ever wanted to know about tech jobs but weren’t sure how to ask. What does it mean to be an Android developer? A software developer who specializes in developing applications for Android-based phones is called an Android developer. Android is the mobile operating system (OS), that Google developed. This modified Linux OS is used in Android. Android is designed to be used on touch-screen mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This is the Android OS’ direct rival to Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone OS. Google claims that Android apps are possible to be created in Java, Kotlin and C++ with the Android software developer kit (SDK). However, other languages may also work. Android users have access to more than 2.6 million applications. It would look like Windows, which is the most popular computer OS. What does an associate product manager look like? Associate product managers are an entry-level job. As an associate product manager, he or she aids the product manager with marketing and developing products that will ensure their profitability. An associate product manager helps the product manager plan and sell company products better. The associate product manager reports directly to either the brand manager or the product manager. What does a Business Intelligence developer do? Business intelligence developers are professionals responsible for creating, managing, and implementing business intelligence platforms. This interface may include interactive dashboards and data modeling tools, as well as data visualization. This helps a business intelligence developer turn data into useful insights that allow them to direct business decisions. What does a Business Systems Analyst do? Business systems analysts are those who deal with the computer technology that an organisation needs in order to run smoothly. The business systems analyst is charged with identifying and implementing the technological improvements that are needed to make the workplace more efficient, improve productivity, and achieve company goals. Business systems analysts must be knowledgeable in computer technology. To analyze the business environment and recommend ways for the company to improve its profitability while decreasing expenses, he or she will need to also do so. CGEIT Certification: What does it mean? The Certification in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), was created to verify IT professionals’ abilities to manage IT enterprise governance. CGEIT certification is a recognition of an IT professional’s understanding and application enterprise IT governance principles. This certification means that every IT professional is capable of helping to bring IT governance into an organisation. This certification allows them to have an in-depth understanding of complex subjects, which will allow them to add value to the company. What does a Chief Integrator do? Chief integration officers ensure that the enterprise’s systems, technology, people, and processes are in perfect harmony and well coordinated. The title “CIO” can be used to describe a corporate executive. It is essentially a modified version of the chief information officer. The chief integration officer, however, is not only responsible for IT, but also oversees business aspects. Chief integration officers were created to oversee the evolution of business processes and systems, including remote work setups and cloud migration. Chief integration officers are like musicians conducting orchestras and choirs. They can also be thought of as chief chefs, who are responsible for all things kitchen-related, including staffing, equipment and raw materials. What does a Chief Security Officer (CSO), mean? Chief security officer (CSO), a leader in a department, is responsible for ensuring that the organization is protected from any digital threats. CSOs direct the infosec department to educate employees on cybersecurity. This includes choosing and implementing security strategies that will protect company network, intellectual property, and other assets from potential threats. A CSO is like a foreman on a house-building project. A CSO is responsible for overseeing the construction team to finish the home within the specified timeline and budget, while also meeting homeowner expectations. What does Chief Technology Officer (CTO), mean? A Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is an executive role that oversees how technology can be used to achieve company goals. These people create policies and procedures to determine the technologies that should be acquired. These policies and procedures are then used to improve employee productivity and to provide better services to customers. This analogy might be helpful in understanding the CTO’s role. The head coach of a professional team is usually responsible for directing the team’s strategy. However, the head coach might have assistant coaches that specialize in particular areas such as defense strategy or who to call in when certain circumstances arise. A CTO acts as an assistant coach and is an expert on technology. What does CISM certification mean? The Certified Information Security Manager certification (CISM), demonstrates an IT professional’s knowledge in program management, information security governance and incident management. The CISMs monitor and check all components of computer security within a company. These individuals plan and execute security measures that protect data of an organization from hackers, corruption and theft. What does a cloud engineer do? Cloud engineers are responsible for any application or system that is connected to the cloud. Cloud refers to any servers accessible via the Internet by anyone, and all software that runs on them. Cloud engineers are responsible for managing an organisation’s cloud computing requirements. This includes design, planning and development as well as maintenance and support. What does a CNC programmer do? Computer numerically controlled (CNC), programmer creates machines to cut raw materials and produce useful outputs. A CNC programer’s responsibilities include designing and interpreting blueprints as well as creating programs to create the product. The CNC programs that are created by CNC programmers or CNC machine builders will be used primarily in manufacturing. This includes conventional machines such as drills and lathes. You can read more in the Read More section. As a CNC programer, one could be compared to a dishwasher driver. The CNC programmer arranges kitchen utensils for washing and instructs the dishwasher to follow the instructions. The CNC programer tells the manufacturing machine which tools it should use, and what to do with the raw materials to make the product. What does a Computer Hardware Engineer do? Computer hardware engineers are responsible for designing and developing electronic products such as circuit boards and processing units. They also design modems and keyboards. A computer hardware engineer can work in a variety of industries such as research, development and manufacturing. Computer hardware engineers can work alone or in a group of IT professionals. Computer hardware engineers may also be responsible for providing technical support to users of internal hardware. What is Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control? Certification in risk


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