The Ultimate Tech Guide for Students

At college, you’ll have a lot on your plate – assignments, social life, lectures, potentially even a part time job. You’ll want to make sure that you have the right technology to manage everything smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to keep up with all parts of your life. Here’s our ultimate tech guide so you can be sure you have everything you need for your time at college!

Laptops are Essential

Having a laptop is not just desired – for college, it’s essential you have a laptop. This is for several reasons – firstly, having a device that you can take anywhere with you is incredibly useful. Whether you want to write up some assignments in the library or do some extra reading in a coffee shop, or even do some catching up on the train, having a device you can access university work with anywhere and everywhere is key to managing your time well. 

Not only that, but laptops are smooth, quick, and efficient. They’re the perfect tool to use to do research or work on coursework, and you can do it in the comfort of your accommodations rather than need to head to the library. Some laptops are even built around students, so you know that the laptop you use is quick (no more long loading times) and has plenty of storage for documents and lecture videos, as well as a long battery life to keep you running through the day.

Get a Printer

Printers are one of the most useful items to have as a student. It’s likely that at some point, you’ll be working last minute trying to get one of your assignments done. Many colleges ask for paper hand ins, either as a standalone hand in or alongside a digital one, so it’s essential you have easy access to a printer to get a hard copy of your assignment. If your college doesn’t have a 24/7 library, you’ll find yourself stuck for what to do, and potentially risk handing in your work late, sacrificing marks that could have easily been avoided.

Having your own printer not only gives you the flexibility to work on your assignment when it suits you, but it also means you don’t need to rush back and forth from the library all the time. There are many Printers for College Students that are specifically designed for students, so they’re affordable, easy to use, and don’t take up too much room.

Consider a Tablet with a Pen

This is a great option for those who find it tedious or slow to write on a keyboard or carry a laptop around with you. Investing in a tablet is essentially like carrying a little notebook around with you and is the perfect way to study both in and out of lectures.

Using a tablet while in a lecture is one of the best ways to do this, especially if it comes with a pen. Many tablets come with note-making software, so you can write into a box and the words will automatically turn into typed font, making quick yet easy to read writing. This saves the need to type up all your notes, and also means you’re not clacking away on a keyboard and making lots of noise that could be distracting to you or other students.

Tablets are also easy to carry around, meaning if you get any sudden thoughts or inspiration, you can make a quick note wherever you are and slip it back into your bag. They’re sleek rather than bulky, easy to use, and even easier to use on the go; they’re the perfect piece of tech for students.

Get Some Noise-Canceling Headphones

Headphones are a priority for students, and getting the right pair is crucial before you start or move in. You’re going to want to be able to focus on your work well when you’re watching videos or listening to podcasts so you can concentrate, so investing in some noise-canceling headphones allows you to give your full attention to your work without distractions. You also want the quality that comes with noise-canceling headphones, so you can not only hear what you’re listening to clearly, but so that there are no noise leaks, and you don’t disturb other students in quiet places like the library.

The other benefit of noise-canceling headphones is, like any student will tell you, living on campus can get noisy. It’s fun to embrace the social life that comes with college, but if you’re fancying a quiet night in, you need an early night, or there’s an assignment due tomorrow morning that you really need to focus on, noise-canceling headphones will be the ultimate solution to getting yourself the peace you need. That way, you can spend the night listening to your music or watching your favorite film rather than trying to ignore any shouting and loud music.

External Hard Drives are Life Savers

It may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to technology but investing in an external hard drive isn’t just a good way to make life easier – it can also be a life saver in some cases. External hard drives are perfect for students who have way too many things on their computer or laptop – you might have countless photos, videos, and documents that you can’t delete or get rid of because it could be important, you might need it, or it might just be sentimental. Having an external hard drive allows you to move any documents you might want to keep off your device without having to get rid of them.

External hard drives have plenty of storage, so you will likely only need one to last you, saving you money on lots of small flash drives that may end up getting lost or confused (no one wants to spend hours sifting through lots of drives). They also offer a way to back up your digital work, so that if the worst happens, you’ll have a copy safe and sound.

Whether you’re a current or prospective student, these are our ultimate tech tips that will easily help you survive college.


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