Their Technology Makes The Entire Windshield a Display

Futurus Makes The Entire Windshield a Display

Soon Chinese Futurus will showcase the solution that makes the windscreen an annual display. The driver is supported by graphics in the field of view, and the rear seat passengers can also see entertainment in the box.

Now the car industry is taking the step from heads up displays, which, for example, show the prevailing speed limit, to the driver in the field of view backed by augmented reality, thus augmented reality.

Chinese Futurus presents a concept where the entire windshield has been transformed into a huge scar display. The Beijing-based company says it has the solution ready to implement the project itself and promises that they will showcase the technology at the CES Technology Fair in Las Vegas in January.

The field of view is up to 60 degrees with a resolution of 80 pixels per degree and a luminance of up to 15,000 candela per square meter. The idea is that graphics should alert the driver to hazards, for example be able to illuminate the lines between files and support navigation by painting directions on the road. This is what Futurus writes on his website.

The windshield also takes over the role of the infotainment screen as an interface for the phone and media. According to Futurus, it can provide entertainment for the rear seat passengers without the driver being able to perceive the images. Futurus claims that it is now working with major car manufacturers to get the solution out in vehicles.

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