UK: Two large solar power companies go bankrupt, more than 1,000 jobs are lost

In the UK two major solar panel installation firms have been placed into administration in the last 24 hours. As a result, more than 1 ,000 job is expected to go. On Wednesday, the Mark Group in Leicester announced that 939 employees will be being cut immediately. Climate Energy went into administration and announced 30 job losses. Many blame the government’s recent cuts in solar panel subsidies for their demise. Mark Group stated that policy changes related to energy efficiency have caused “significantly reduced” installation work. Mark Group stated that the policy changes on energy efficiency caused a “significant reduction” in installation work. The business was also faced with other difficulties and failed attempts to diversify the company.” SunEdison said to Greenpeace Energydesk that the withdrawal of public subsidies is a contributing factor to the firm’s failure. However, the Department of Energy and Climate Change denied that the subsidy cuts were responsible and cited failures in “commercial decisions” as the primary reason. According to a DECC spokesperson, “All job loss is regrettable. We sympathize with the affected. But commercial decisions are up to the company concerned.” “Our priority has been to maintain low bills for families and businesses and build an energy-efficiency system that provides consumers long-term value for their money. He said that we are trying to protect existing investments and the billpayers while cutting our carbon emissions as cost-effectively possible.


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