What Are Power Apps?

More recently, PowerApps has become increasingly popular, but why and what is it really for?

PowerApps is a set of apps, services, and connections as well as a data platform. This platform provides an environment for rapid app development, where the developer can create apps that are custom business apps. They are connected to the business data the developer has chosen, which is either stored in the underlying data platform or in various online and local data sources.

What are Power Apps Good For?

PowerApps is a platform that allows you to create a mobile app that works for Windows, iOS and Android.

PowerApps offers a great drag-and-drop look that allows you to insert various controls (text fields), media (images and videos) and forms. As a developer, you have the ability to connect to external data sources or store data directly in your app. When your app is fully developed, you only need to publish it and then it can be shared within your organization.

Now you may be thinking – “This sounds fantastic, but is there nothing negative about the platform?”. When PowerApps was designed, it was primarily used for business Mobile Apps, that is, only internally within the organization. PowerApps is not designed for consumption, it has technical limitations, examples of which are sharing to external users.

How to design Powerapps?

A corporate app is designed and built from a canvas in Microsoft PowerApps. The app is built without the need to write a single code snippet in a traditional programming language such as C #. This canvas app is designed and developed using “drag & drop” elements. If you are used to designing PowerPoints, PowerApps will not be completely foreign to you. Working with data and building functions in PowerApps is similar to the Excel functions, if you are an Excel van, this is no big problem for you.

What Can you Create in Powerapps?

If you are interested in adding dashboards, forms, views, and charts to your app, it is possible with model-driven app design. In model-driven apps, much of the layout is controlled by the components you choose to add. The focus is on quickly displaying your business data and making decisions, rather than developing an intricate app design.


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