What is Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon sells almost anything, within the law. If you have not heard of the Amazon Marketplace then you have missed it is a service that made founder Jeff Bezos now pass Bill Gates first place as the world’s richest person. Amazon started as a result of the growth of e-commerce and is today the world’s largest e-commerce site. Amazon works much like Google, though Amazon focuses on products and sales. It is thus a search engine for shopping stoves.

At Amazon Marketplace you will find all the world’s products from all the world’s companies and also from individuals. The idea that Jeff Bezos launched in his garage in 1994 is as simple as brilliant. The idea of ​​the search engine is that anyone should be able to sell anything through Amazon.

New or used

When you search for a product you will have a variety of options and price ranges to choose from. At Amazon, used products are also listed and you as a private individual have the opportunity to post things you want to sell and reach out to customers from all over the world. Amazon Marketplace is a giant and every self-esteem business chain posts its articles through Amazon’s search engine. It has become a necessity to list their products there in order not to slip in relation to their competitors.

Inventory or purchase directly from the seller

Amazon is a company that has fully adapted to the new age that came with digitalization. Although you are just a search engine yourself, you have taken a huge chew of all the e-commerce in the world and you are not listed with their products at Amazon – you do not exist.

When selling via Amazon, you have the choice of either sending the goods yourself directly to the customer or simply sending their goods to one of Amazon’s warehouses and allowing Amazon to handle the deliveries. This is efficiency in trading at its best. The downside to this type of efficiency is that the seller may lose contact with their own customers, but that disadvantage can be negligible as the benefits of being part of Amazon’s marketing in the long run.

There are similar services where you can make your purchases online and Aliexpress, Alibaba and Wish are among the competing search engines. But – no one else works as efficiently as Amazon does when it has comprehensive logistics solutions. What Amazon is doing is taking advantage of all the digital innovations in the world. For example, robots are kept in stock and when orders are made, robots take care to pick up ordered goods in the giant warehouses. They establish themselves around the world with warehousing facilities.


Plans are in place to handle the delivery of ordered goods with the help of drones. Thus, it is only a matter of time before you put your plan into action and the buyer will have his orders delivered to his address by flying delivery. For those of you who do not know what a drone is for something, you can most easily describe it as a driverless flying vehicle.

At present, you can buy drones for private use that are used for, for example, photography from the air, but you can assume that Amazon has a little more advanced drones on the fly for its e-commerce. From an environmental point of view, of course, the idea is good since this type of vehicle is not fueled with fossil fuels and one can assume that this type of deliveries is the melody of the future for this reason, among other reasons. Amazon has simply thought of everything.


Amazon Marketplace also offers purely digital products such as ebooks, movies, and music. Among other things, they have developed Kindle, which is a software through which you can read e-books from mobile and reading boards e.t.c. In addition, they are offered to launch their own ebooks through Amazon, which has a service where you can easily upload your writing and then sell it through the Amazon Marketplace which mediates the writing via Kindle.

Amazon thus offers opportunities for anyone who has some creativity. Only the imagination sets limits and of course, you can increase your own sales by costing the marketing further by buying advertising space from Amazon Marketplace.

How is Amazon Marketplace funded?

If you want to post items for sale via Amazon, Amazon will take a small part of the commission on the sale. In addition to this, you also make money selling advertising sites and better placements through your own search engine.

There will never be any distress on Amazon – but they are not disingenuous but have invested in a policy of win/win in the main room. Everyone can become a part of the giant Amazon and most, both small and multinational companies, have managed to jump on the train that speeds up the speed of light through cyberspace – to the delight of all shoppers.

Watch out for customs and shipping

Finally, it is important to get the lowest price possible. Here you need to keep track of the exchange rate, but also additional costs such as customs and shipping costs.

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