What is Apple CarPlay? -What you Need to Know

Apple CarPlay, a step towards smarter cars, because smart refrigerators, alarms, phones, and watches are not enough

If your first thought as you read this is “What is Apple CarPlay?”, Then you don’t have to feel stupid, you are not alone.
In March 2014, Apple introduced CarPlay, a solution from Apple that lets you pair your iPhone with your car, the purpose being to make it easier, and less distracting, to use your phone’s features while driving.

How does Apple CarPlay work?

With Apple CarPlay, you connect your iPhone with the car and get access to the most basic features directly on a screen in the car. You interact with Apple CarPlay by tapping the display (as with all iOS devices); what you do is read messages, answer the phone, and use the Maps app. To make things easier and smoother, you can also give instructions with the help of Siri.

Can you pair your iPad with Apple CarPlay?

No. According to Apple, only the iPhone is compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Which cars work with Apple CarPlay?

In the beginning, Apple has teamed up with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo, and it will be the luxury models of these brands that will receive support first. But in the near future, we expect both more brands and cheaper models to receive support for Apple CarPlay. When it comes to smart cars, everything indicates that development will go fast.


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