What is Augmented reality?

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is one of the new big phenomena in the tech world. With what is it really? And what should it be used for? We try to explain what augmented reality is and what it is good for.

AR is one of the great future innovations in the technology world right now. Augmented Reality is often abbreviated into.

The definition of AR is that reality is combined with digital content, for example, the small characters in the mobile game Pokémon Go that have emerged in the environment around us.

With a pair of AR glasses, you further enhance the experience when you can see the world with computer-generated images placed on top.

As handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers become more advanced and more intelligent, they can be used for augmented reality.

The question then is what should AR, augmented reality, really be used for?

Augmented reality compared to virtual reality

It’s easy to mix AR with VR, that is, virtual reality. Although the techniques are very similar to each other, there is a crucial difference.

In an AR environment, computer-generated graphics are placed on top of the recorded image of reality, while a VR environment is exclusively created in a computer.

This means, for example, that augmented reality is better adapted to, for example, displaying furniture in our own home environment, but virtual reality can provide more exciting experiences in games or movies.

Augmented reality game

As so often with new technology, it is the gaming industry that is first out.

We have already seen games such as Lenovo’s Star Wars Jedi Challenges, where characters from the movies emerge in their own homes thanks to AR technology. With his laser sword, it is important to fight the Star Wars villains at home on the living room floor.

Other game developers use augmented reality to place objects and enemies in the real environment around the players.

An example of this is the popular Pokémon Go game a few years ago, which got hordes of people around the world to run around and chase small monsters.

Augmented reality apps

Large companies, such as Ikea, have also adopted the new technology.

Ikea has developed an augmented reality app that allows you to place the company’s furniture in your own home. The idea is that it should be easier to find a product that fits your home.

Another example is some paint manufacturers that have created augmented reality apps for customers test a wall color at home before deciding. There are apps that, with the help of the mobile camera makes it possible to create a floor plan of your own home.


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