What is Google Home?

Not entirely undiscovered by the name, it is Google who is behind and has developed Google Home. The system itself is a smart speaker that is also integrated with Google Assistant. This allows the speaker system to be controlled via the voice. Already in May 2016, Google Home became official and it launched in the US in November 2016.

Google Home is a speaker for those who do not want to travel to change songs, and for those who lose the remote control. If you want to be able to control your music as easily as possible, this is the speaker for you.

What are Max and Mini?

Google Home is a smart speaker. It is the middle model that has both touch buttons and relatively good speakers. It fits well in, for example, the kitchen where the family listens to news in the morning or while cooking. This is the first speaker in the product series. The Google Mini has the worst sound quality but it is also a speaker.

It fits, for example, in children’s rooms where the sound does not have to be loud or of top quality. Google Home Max, on the other hand, is an audio solution that works everywhere. It fits just as well in the living room on the TV as it does at larger parties where the sound must be of good quality. In addition, it manages to keep the quality even at higher sound levels.

What can you do with Google Home Smart speakers?

With a Google Home Mini, voice control works well and listening to radio shows or podcasts is great. Audiobooks also work, but listening to music for extended periods of time is not very quiet as the sound quality is not the best.

With the Google Home middle variant, all the things that go on a Google Home mini work, but with this speaker, you can also listen to music of relatively good quality in relation to the size of the speaker.

With Google Home Max, you really make the most of the speaker. Music playback even at parties where high volume is required is no problem. Even when a TV is on, it works to control the speaker through the voice. Listening to podcasts and radio works and it is also easy to connect the speaker to other external variants with cord or through Bluetooth.

Overall, the speakers work well and if you want a stylish home where speakers should not be seen too much, or if you are often traveling and want to be able to bring the sound smoothly, Google Home is a smart choice.

Depending on the type of person you are, in the three different models, you can choose between different colors to make the speaker fit even better in the home. In addition, the different Google Home speakers can be paired with each other through Bluetooth, which allows you to play the same music in multiple rooms without having to go into a particular room to start the speaker.

What languages ​​are there?

The Google Home system is controlled via Google Assistant. This system has previously only been used in English but now support for languages ​​such as German, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean will also be added. However, Google has confirmed that they are going to add new languages continuously.


Although these speakers are neat, take up some space and work well, there are also a few drawbacks you should consider before buying them. First, the speaker always listens.

It hears everything that is said around it and with today’s technology, unauthorized people can quickly connect to, for example, speaker systems and listen to what is being said in a home or a workplace. If you then happen to tell secrets or things that should not be disclosed to the public, there is a great risk that after all, someone can hear everything through the speaker. Another disadvantage is that some of the models, despite high prices, are unable to play loud music and neither the Mini nor the Home variant can be connected to external speakers.


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