What is Volume Activation?

What is Volume Activation?

What is volume activation? Volume activation is the secret to fast and reliable data center expansion. How do you activate your volume? What is KMS and why is it important for your data center management? With answers to these questions, you will be able to expand your network without fear of the workload overpowering you or the center going out of commission.


Volume activation is a new technology developed for large scale file processing in the Microsoft Office System products. It is a process that allows users to define their file volume activation limits. The user enters a value that enables him to activate a specified file based on file size or arbitrary action such as rotate or compress.


In order for your users to activate this server 2021 feature, they must have either a Windows Server operating system license or have secured access through the usage of a workgroup licensing method. This product provides a flexible licensing option that can be managed centrally through an ITSP. The activation limit can also be changed at any time during the license period. For more information about volume activation, see TechNet’s Licensing Features for Microsoft Office products. This feature is included with the Windows Server 2021 R2 release.


Volume activation can be activated using three different methods: by way of a change in the user’s login identity, by use of a log on command or by use of a change in the server settings. With volume activation, your users are automatically prompted at the time of logon to activate the software. However, sometimes a user may not have knowledge of volume activation and unintentionally activates the software when he / she attempts to log on to the computer. This leads to a number of problems. First of all, accidental activations frequently result in the automatic activation becoming disabled. Second of all, even if the user has correctly set the volume during manual activation, the changes made to environment and network settings after the software has been activated might not reflect the changes that you had intended.


An alternative approach to activating your licensing programs is to use product key management. Product key management automates the activation process by controlling the distribution of product keys and the installation of them. A product key management program offers a number of advantages over volume activation. First of all, with product key management, a business is no longer required to manually activate license keys. Moreover, a product key management program offers the advantage of allowing a business to change its license key frequently.


Product key management products provide a number of ways to automatically activate license keys during the setup process. These include use of an internet-based product activation wizard, generation of product activation key pairs, import/export of product keys from a database, and use of a master activation key. The wizard lets you chose which keys to automatically activate. You can also specify a duration in seconds or minutes for the specified product keys to be activated.


If you are planning on using Windows Server 2021 for your deployment process, you will need to activate your product keys. The best way to automate this process is to create a self-signed certificate that you can give to users in their company and have them use these keys to log into the windows server 2021 server when they want to sign in. The certifying authority (CA) that issued your self-signed certificate will be able to monitor activity on your website and automatically approve or deny end-user access. In most cases the CA will require an Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer to make sure that the end-user has legitimate access to the server. Therefore, you will not be required to activate your product keys when you set up the dedicated server.


Imprinted keys are not the only way to automatically activate license keys. You may also use reinstalling the product on your server or instructing the operating system to use your product keys by configuring Automatic License Keys on your computer. This method of manual product activation does require technical support from Microsoft, but if you are tech savvy you can accomplish this task in under thirty minutes. This method is considered more secure than using the keys that are imprinted on CD-R’s or other media because the reinstalling procedure does not permanently remove your CD-ROM drive or data files. This is a great alternative to volume activation.


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