Which Gaming Console is the Best?

Do you love video games? Wondering which one is best? Here comes a comparison between a few different:


Microsoft is the company behind Xbox. They have designed and marketed the video game console. The Xbox was released in the US in 2001. The first name on the console, during its development, was the DirectX box, which they later changed to the Xbox.

What is different about Xbox compared to other video game consoles is that the Xbox has a network card and an IDE hard drive.

It has now launched a new slim version of the Xbox, called the Xbox one S. It has more features and more power. Among other things, it has Bluray player capable of playing Ultra HD material.

The new Xbox one S is 40% smaller, but that’s one reason to buy that particular console.

The new Xbox consoles are stylish and flexible to have in the TV bench. You no longer need to have the TV bench 10 cm from the wall to fit, as everything is thought of and made more smooth.


Sony PlayStation is available in several editions – PS1 to PS4 and PS. It is a cd based tv game console manufactured by Sony, and introduced in Japan in 1994. Already then it was a success and the one seen in more than 100,000 copies the first week. In one year, more than 100 million PlayStation devices were delivered.

PlayStation has incredible HDR graphics, and you have 500 GB to store your games and apps.

Purchases include 1 piece of dual shock 4 hand control, a chat headset so you can talk to those you are playing with and against, Hdmi cable, micro USB cable and power cord.


Nintendo Switch is unique in that you can use the console in different ways. You can sit at home on the TV and play or bring your hand control and play wherever you want, whenever you want.

Their own words are that it is a new era, you no longer have to adapt your stressful life to have time to play, but the console has adapted to you and your life – and you can now play moron, whoever.

You can connect the console to the TV and play with your friends or your family, or you can take control of the game and play it yourself – Then you just fold up the small screen on the hand console.

You can totally sync up to 8 consoles and play with or against each other.


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