Why you Shouldn’t buy a Playstation 4 Pro

Playstation 4 Pro is a gaming console that received a lot of attention at launch in late 2016 and is today something of a niche console for a narrow group of users. The game console has 4K / HDR support but lacks Ultra HD Blu-ray support, is relatively expensive and few games take full advantage of the hardware.

There are a few reasons why we find it difficult to recommend Playstation 4 Pro today. Especially with the Xbox One X as a (admittedly more expensive) heavy competitor from Microsoft. Here are some of the reasons why you should not buy a Playstation 4 Pro without investing in any of the other consoles today.

Do you have a Playstation 4 Pro and disagree? Write a line and tell us your thoughts in the comments field? Or maybe you are going to buy the game console and have more questions – then you can just ask them and we will answer all your questions.

You have no TV with support for 4K and HDR

More and more TV sets are sold with support for both 4K and HDR, but many older models are still full-HD. And if you have no plans to upgrade in the coming years, there is no reason to buy a Playstation 4 Pro.

The game console has been upgraded with slightly faster hardware to give it that little extra that pushes the games into 4K resolution. But if you can’t take advantage of this, you can do well with regular Playstation 4. The reason is that the games float almost as well on it as with the Pro model.

Ultra HD Blu-ray movies cannot be viewed

Sony made a huge mistake that did not support Playstation 4 Pro for Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. There is only one regular Blu-ray player in the game console and the gaming giant has said that they want to see users use movie services on the internet instead.

If you only have the slightest need to watch high definition movie on disc, then we recommend instead the Xbox One S which not only clear 4K but also HDR. Assuming you do not have a TV capable of showing Dolby Vision, then we recommend a dedicated Ultra HD Blu-ray player that can handle this.

Sure, Netflix offers a few titles in 4K and HDR, but with image and sound quality that is nowhere near what Ultra HD Blu-ray movies offer. In addition, a fast Internet connection of 25 Mbit / s is required, which is more than many ADSL connections can.

There are not many games that support 4K and HDR

When Microsoft introduced the Xbox One X, the company presented a list of 100 games that will support 4K and HDR, many of them at 60 fps. With Playstation 4 Pro, on the other hand, support is significantly worse with only about 30 updated games at launch.

Game developers are required to help Sony by updating their games to take advantage of the added performance of Playstation 4 Pro. And it’s far from anyone who wants to do it. Admittedly, we have heavy titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 that attract, but it’s not enough in the long run.

In the 4K / HDR Games article you must have for your Playstation 4 Pro, we list some of the best 4K / HDR custom games available for the game console. Together, they provide many, many hours of play if you choose to complete all assignments. If you have your own tips on games, feel free to comment and tell us.

Worse performance than Xbox One X

The performance of Playstation 4 Pro versus Xbox One X cannot be avoided. The latter is significantly more powerful with the ability to run many high-resolution games and 60 fps. That’s a big difference from 30 fps that Sony’s console is cut into in almost every game

Microsoft has criticized the Playstation 4 Pro for its lack of performance and the fact that the gaming console doesn’t reach 60 fps in gaming, something Xbox One X does with simplicity in many games. The visual difference is big. With 60 fps, it will be easier to control the games with less blur at fast movements, a game that Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne had benefited from.

Sony doesn’t want games across platforms

Where Microsoft is working hard to offer games across different platforms, perhaps primarily with Minecraft in mind, Sony is stubbornly stopping all such plans for Playstation 4. The Japanese gaming giant wants to keep its users to themselves and has no plans to go Microsoft to meet .

This means that when Minecraft: Better Anywhere is released they can play together with Xbox console, Windows 10 and Android for example. Sony with the Playstation series is not playing and has its own sandbox. A big sandbox, of course, but very limited when Microsoft opens for cross-games with other games.

Unless Sony offers the ability to play with Xbox users in the future, it is difficult to recommend a Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro as users of these may be locked out in the future. When competitors play together, Sony sits and bulls to himself.


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