Is Wifi Dangerous for Your Health?

WiFi sends out about 0.1 watts for a 2.4 GHz network and 0.2 watts on 5GHz. As you understand this is very little watt, so how could this be dangerous? Consider the use of mobile phones that also broadcast wirelessly (4G, WiFi, Bluetooth). The mobile phone is next to the head, it should be even more dangerous. When your router is in standby, it only broadcasts the amount needed to show that WiFi is available.

As with everything else, there are laws and sections on how much “radiation” one may have, even for wireless communication for all types of devices.

WiFi is everywhere today. Stations, trains, airplanes, hotel shops etc. If you take a stroll in the center of town you can see lots of WiFi with the help of your mobile phone. So you do not get the signals from WiFi. May countries also have a governmental regulatory that regulates radiation.

Think of all the emissions out on the streets such as exhaust fumes, it’s much more dangerous.

So no, WiFi is not dangerous to health. Should you feel something,  then it is because of something else.

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