Young people will now only go to a restaurant if there is an Instagram photo opportunity

CJ Digital, a leading restaurant marketing agency, has released data that shows how young people are likely to visit a restaurant if it provides an Instagrammable photo opportunity. 

The CJ Digital team surveyed 1,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 to find out how important an Instagram photo opportunity was when they were dining out. 

The results showed that an impressive 73 percent of the participants said they were more likely to visit the restaurant if they could take an Instagram-worthy photo. 

The survey also found that nearly half of the participants said they would take a photo of their food before eating it. 

Over a quarter of those surveyed said they would post their photos to Instagram, while 20 percent said they would post their photos to Snapchat or Facebook. 

CJ Digital’s Managing Director, Calum Ward, said the survey results highlighted how important social media is for young people when it comes to dining out. 

“Young people today are more connected than ever before, and they want to share their experiences with their friends and followers,” Ward said. 

“The survey results show that if a restaurant provides an Instagrammable photo opportunity, they are more likely to attract young customers. It’s a great way for restaurants to increase their popularity and get more people through the door. One of our clients, The Mitre, a pub in Richmond, has some of the most Instagrammable pizzas and it helps a lot with bringing new people through the door.”

The survey also found that restaurants can gain the most traction when they offer an engaging photo opportunity that is unique to the restaurant. 

For example, the survey from one of the world’s best restaurant marketing agencies, showed that a photo of a colorful dish or of a restaurant’s unique decor was likely to be more popular than a photo of a simple meal. Other survey results showed that young people are also attracted to restaurants that offer interactive photo opportunities. 

These could include a photo booth or a custom photo filter to make their photos stand out. Restaurants can also use their restaurant’s hashtag to encourage customers to post photos of their experience. 

This will not only help promote the restaurant, but it can also help the restaurant collect data on which dishes or drinks customers are enjoying the most. Jones said the survey results show that young people are looking for more than just good food when they dine out. 

“Young people want to have a unique experience that they can share with others, and that’s where the Instagrammable photo opportunity comes in,” she said. 

“Restaurants should consider how they can create a unique and shareable experience for their customers to help attract more young people.” 

The power of Instagram is globally recognized and it has become a necessity for businesses hoping to stand out from the competition. Restaurants that make use of an Instagram opportunity can see a staggering 40% increase in revenue compared to those that do not participate.

This is because customers are more likely to flock to restaurants with a strong online presence, especially when the content on the page is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with their brand image.

Additionally, when a restaurant offers something special for customers who check-in or post about their experience on social media, it can encourage others to try out the same establishment.

Ultimately, creating frequent posts with attractive visual content on Instagram can be instrumental in driving both new and repeat customers through the restaurant’s doors.

The restaurant industry in the United Kingdom has been feeling the strain since the beginning of 2021.

Though staggering at first, it was recently confirmed that a total of 1000 restaurants had stopped operating throughout the UK this year.

This closing affects not only those employed in these restaurants, but also the infrastructure surrounding it such as suppliers and delivery companies. With restrictions still in place due to COVID-19, it is likely that further closures may occur at some point in the near future.

The exact impact of these closures is yet to be seen, but they undoubtedly have a negative ripple effect across many aspects of the UK’s hospitality industry.

CJ Digital’s survey results show that Instagrammable photo opportunities can be a great way for restaurants to attract young customers. 

By creating a unique and shareable experience, restaurants can not only draw in more customers but also use the data collected from Instagram to understand what their customers are enjoying the most.


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