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The pen is mightier than the sword,” they said, and so proves the Caption Generator apps. Words have shaped and changed the course of history, and the written word on social media influences us in almost all our decisions, whether consciously or subconsciously. With humans becoming increasingly aware, a picture no longer suffices when it comes to online platforms. We need to know exact details, be it fancy descriptions of gourmet food or the technical aspects of a particular smartphone. We need everything in that one caption.

In the USA, almost everyone uses a smartphone. The caption to posts is quite famous in youths there. It makes perfect sense to you why that photo exists. But the reader may get the wrong idea. The job of the caption is to yank the reader from whatever they’re thinking about and gets them to read what you want them to read specifically.


Ever wondered how some people have a perfect caption on their Instagram and other social networks pictures? Have you ever envied your friend for getting more likes than you? How do people interact with a stupid photo with a just quirky caption? Well, you won’t be a laid back Instagrammer anymore.

You can go here, and with the Best Captions and Status, you can attract the top more likes and followers on Instagram. Just browse through our handpicked masterpieces, use them as your caption and voila! Your chain of likes and comments gets triggered. You are about to become famous among your peers, and people will soon turn to you to get cool captions for their photos. You can also share captions with your friends and partner right from the app.

Here’s a range of categories Best Captions & Status offer:

#1. Happiness Captions

#2. Self Love Captions

#3. Cool Captions

#4. Selfie Captions

#5. Travel Captions

#6. Funny Status

#7. Inspiring Status

#8. Smile Captions

#9. Life Captions

#10. Love Captions

#11. Party Captions

#12. Funny Boyfriend Status

#13. Captions For Girl

Some of the features are the User-Friendly Interface and the Search and Filter, Add Favourite feature. In Best Instagram Captions, you can get Category, Tags, Favourites, Collection of Caption Images, Copy Caption, Share Caption, Favourite.


 Caption me app provides a huge collection of captions with 35+ different categories for your photo. With the built-in fancy font changer and decorator, you can make your caption stylish and attractive.

Your Facebook friends and Instagram followers will be impressed by your caption writing skill with the help of the caption my app. We provide a built-in spacer to solve the problem of formatting while writing caption or status on Instagram. Just write and copy the caption from the editor of this app and paste it to your Instagram account. To help increase your follower on Instagram, we provide an option to submit your original caption to us. We will publish your caption, including your Instagram username, so that you can gain more followers.

App features:

  1. Huge collection of captions with 35+ categories.
  2. Stylish and fancy fonts to make your caption attractive.
  3. Variety of hashtag collections to boost your Instagram posts.
  4. Built-in spacer and decorator.
  5. Additional captions directly from the cloud.
  6. Easy to use and interact with.
  7. Copy and share captions in a social media app.
  8. Featured captions.
  9. Favourite the caption to find them later.


Open the Caption Plus app and browse your favorite caption for Instagram and rock your next Instagram post. Copy suitable Hashtags to get a more organic reach of your Insta posts.

New Hashtag Categories

– Travel hashtags

– Friends captions

– Instagram Likes and Followers Hashtags

– Hashtags for photography

 and a whole new set of trendy hashtags.

Captions from CaptionPlus can also be used as a bio for Instagram. Apart from attracting more likes and followers on Instagram and Facebook, you can also create an Influencer type of social profile. Just scroll through our hand-curated Captions, include them in your posts, and that’s it! You unlock more likes, share and engagement. You can further share your collection of cool insta captions and become famous among your group.

Use our AI-based caption generator engine to generate some unique captions. With our easy search feature, you can always find a matching Instagram quote to put up with your image on the go. We have curated captions to suit every situation and complement every emotion.

Following are a few of the categories Best Instagram Captions offer:

  • Friendship • Attitude • Fashion • Couple • Success • Fitness • Smile • Nature • Funny • Love • Life • Selfie • Valentine Day • Hug Day • Kiss Day • Holiday • … & more

Some salient features of Caption Plus that make us different are the Easy-to-use Interface and broad Search feature. In Best Instagram Captions, you can –


Captions for Instagram and Facebook photo, best captions and status, caption app. With Caption This app, you can add a caption to your photo and get the best caption quotes for Instagram photos.

App Features:

  1. Copy and share for direct upload to social media (Status for Fb, Captions for Insta)
  2. Works completely offline
  3. Contains status for every occasions and event.
  4. Regular app updates
  5. Copy feature to copy & paste the statuses and quotes collection.
  6. Share statuses via other applications.
  7. Beautiful design and user interface
  8. Caption for Instagram Story
  9. Handpicked Captions
  10. A curated list of Instagram Captions
  11. Ig captions, Instagram captions and quotes for Instagram


This app will help you to get motivated at every point of your life with its largest collection of motivational quotes. Qotivation has more than 50000’s of quotes in various categories like alone, love, learning etc. There is more than 100 background available in the application. You can change the background as per your wish in a single tab. Various font styles are available to give a personal touch in quotes.


  • Awesome Collection of Captions that perfectly suits your photographs.
  • Amazing UI. User-Friendly Design. Captions for every Mood.
  • Lots of Categories. Easily Share option available.

You can copy captions, so no need to remember them and write again in your photo status.


– Attitude  – Love  – Friends  – Night – Emotion – Enemy  – Travel  – Photography  

– Nature  – Random Captions

And many more according to your mood and photographs. 

Having a cool text will bring attraction to your photos, and your social profile will gain popularity. HURRY UP AND TRY THESE APPS FOR BETTERMENT.


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