Google Maps: AR Walking Directions for iPhone

After months of testing and beta testing, Google has finally launched its AR walking directions feature on Google Maps to all Android users. This feature, called Live View in Google Maps uses augmented reality to give users walking directions.

What is Live View in Google Maps?

How many times have you used Google Maps to find walking directions only to end up in a busy area confused as to where to go? Google uses AR with the Live View feature to solve this problem. Here’s a brief demonstration of the functionality.

The feature is also great to have when Google Maps says you have reached your destination but you are confused as to where the exact building is.

One important thing to remember is that Google did not create Live View in the hope that it would allow you to look at your phone as you walk. You can use it when you are lost on a busy street or confused about which lane to take.

How to Use Live View AR Walking Directions in Google Maps on iPhone

Live View AR Walking Directions in Google Maps are available for all locations where Street View data exists. This feature works with any iPhone or iPad that supports ARKit.

Google has just begun rolling out Live View within Google Maps. This means that the feature may not be available for all users immediately. It will likely take several weeks for the rollout to be complete.

Step 1: Search for any place in Google Maps where Street View is available. Tap the Directions button in the bottom action bar.

Step 2: If the Live View AR feature has been rolled out for your Google account, you will see a Start AR button. To use the AR view to get walking directions, tap on this button.

If the feature is not rolled to Google accounts, please update to the App Store or try it again in a few weeks.

Is Google Maps AR’s walking directions easier to use? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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