Grow Your Business: Effective Tips for Using LinkedIn for Sales

As a business owner, you know the importance that social media plays in today’s marketplace.

You probably know that social media can help you reach more customers and enable you to build a positive reputation. It can help you connect with your customers and prospects, market your products and services, and even get leads for sales. 

The benefits of using LinkedIn for business are undeniable. But how do you use LinkedIn to increase your sales? Here are six tips that can help.

Enhance your social selling efforts by fine-tuning your profile

Prospects who are interested in you will inevitably check out your profile. If you want to make a good impression on potential clients, you should make sure it is flawless.

Always use active links to your most recent social media profiles and portfolio sites, as well as your company website.

You should also try to gain some solid references, preferably from satisfied clients you already have — but always aim for quality instead of quantity.

Your site visitors will get a better sense of who you are if you do this. After all, human interaction is still essential even in B2B sales.

Finally, a picture is a must. It solidifies the bond and leaves a favorable impression. It should be a recent, high-quality photo that accurately represents your brand.

Building relationships is the key to social selling

If you’re a seller who’s ready to utilize LinkedIn seriously, one of the first things you should do is an in-depth audit of your connections.

Your network needs some serious growing if it is mostly made up of people you know from close or distant ties, such as family, friends, or old schoolmates.

Relationships breed more relationships. If you have good first-level connections, you can branch out to many different second and third-level relationships.

When you meet someone new, whether in person or online, you should send them a connection request right away while you’re still fresh in their memory.

However, keep in mind that it’s not all about quantity. Make sure to declutter your network regularly and keep your connections fresh and relevant. You can use Linked connections management tools to manage LinkedIn connections more efficiently.

Promote products and services via LinkedIn groups

If you want to use LinkedIn for social selling, join a group. While you can utilize them to educate yourself about the markets you serve, they also provide excellent leads for business development.

Questions posed by members are a fantastic way to shed light on annoyances and unfulfilled requirements. Actively participate in discussions, share relevant links, and reply to messages. 

You can offer helpful solutions, but be careful about self-promotional messages that might turn people away.

InMail can help your social marketing efforts immensely

Anyone who has worked in sales can tell you that reaching senior decision-makers may be challenging. When you think about how many phone calls and emails they must field daily, it’s not surprising. Consequently, they employ gatekeepers, screen calls, and discard the vast majority of unsolicited mail in an effort to safeguard their time.

With LinkedIn’s in-app messaging service, InMail, you may privately communicate with any other user on the platform without first having to be introduced to them.

LinkedIn claims that InMail has a 30 times higher chance of being read than a cold call. However, the ability to send and receive InMails is restricted to paid subscriptions.

Use the Sales Navigator to speed up prospecting

When you upgrade to the premium version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, your sales prospecting capabilities will reach new heights.

Find the right person quickly and easily by using sophisticated search options like job title, company, geographic region, and keywords. It is possible to delve deeply and swiftly and easily find important individuals by skillfully combining the various filters.

You can maintain your sales workflow well-organized with this feature, making it one of the most productive sales tools.

A weekly report detailing new matches for the desired client type can be generated based on your saved search parameters.

Take LinkedIn conversations to other platforms

LinkedIn is a great way to find prospects, find out more about them, and initiate conversations. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to using this platform.

Take the discussion to other platforms, such as email, text messages, and phone calls. You can export LinkedIn connections and add them directly to your CRM or email client.

By maintaining contact with your prospects and clients across multiple digital platforms, you foster your relationships. This, in turn, leads to a higher chance of closing the deal.

Over to you

Social media marketing should be a constant process in your business, and LinkedIn should be at the center of your efforts.

Use these tips to help build your social media presence and increase sales.


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