Very Peri is the Color of 2022

The year’s color is essential to your workplace decor, home space, and clothes. Check out why Pantone chose this color. 

This year’s color is called ‘Very Peri.’ This is an incredible combination of blue and violet and their symbols. Blue symbolizes the sky and the ocean. Thus it’s associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, creativity, motivation, and sensitiveness. Blue also defines profundity, trust, dedication, sincerity, wisdom, strength, and intelligence. On the other hand, we get violet as the most peaceful symbol of mixed love emotions with purity, spiritual wisdom, enchantment, and remembrance.

Why this color of 2022 is the decision of Pantone

The year’s color for 2022 is called “Very Peri,” As expected, Pantone came up with a new innovative shade. It’s a deep, soft coral color with a blend of blue, violet, and rose tones. A deep blue hue will help you stand out in the crowd and still look stylish.

The Pantone experts conduct deep research on contemporary technologies, materials, textures, and possible results that might come from the chosen color.

Pantone’s color specialists search the world looking for new colors that will impact our lives and culture in a significant way. 

This year, they found many thanks to influences like popular travel destinations, socio-economic conditions, and entertainment industry trends, leading to Very Peri’s combination.

The Pros and Cons of this New Coloring

Pantone recently launched the color of 2022, “Very Peri.” They describe this specific color as a “deceptively optimistic mix of fluid and fluidity.”

Style experts truly adore this new shade, as it’s a perfect color to combine many different clothes and tones. They also say that it is excellent for everyone as it can easily match clothes for both genders in various age groups.

Interior designers highlight that “Very Peri” has a calming effect with some blue undertones, ideal for stylish house decor. On the other hand, they’d skip it for a workplace setting as it’s way too dreamy and less motivational.

It’s not hard to see how this color might turn some people off. It simply might not be in their preferences or their closet.

Something that the fashion World tricks models and stylists are innovative combos with new trendy colors.

For example, someone with an ample wardrobe and various outfits might not have clothes in this color. To some individuals, not being able to follow up on the latest trends immediately might be very frustrating. 

A final contrast stands in the digital presence of businesses. If a new agency is having a rebranding, the new color of 2022 might be a perfect inspiration. On the other hand, if their color palette is very far from this year’s new color, it might sound like they’re not moving forward with the latest trends.

How can you benefit from colors in your blog’s design?

One of the most critical elements of your blog is the color scheme. This makes sure that your blog stands out among all other blogs, either by being unique or connecting with a specific audience. The colors you choose must also be motivational and professional. Therefore, we highly recommend working with a professional Web Design agency in Boca Raton.

How do technology and materials impact color?

Color’s creation comes in many ways with the help of technology and materials. A particular color might not look the same due to changes in technology/materials. For example, a dark green shade could change to lighter if the market shifted toward more light-colored fabrics.


This year, Pantone launched a new color for the future of 2022: “Very Peri,” a mix of purple and blue. Thus, it’s foreseen that many companies will incorporate it into their updated compositions. The main reason for choosing such a color was the hard time the world went on over the past two years. Fortunately, the isolation time is over, and now we can all enjoy a lovely, calm, and vivid color for the rest of the year. 


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