How to Forget a WiFi Network on a Mac

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Wondering how to forget a WiFi network on a Mac? It’s actually quite simple if you have the right steps in place. The whole point of setting up WiFi networks is to make sure that people can connect to them wherever they go, even if they are not in the area. But to forget a WiFi network on a Mac is quite different… or is it?


For starters, it’s not just a matter of getting around and forgetting the WiFi connection. It’s much more complicated than that. You see, your computer has to stay connected to the WiFi network in order for you to use it, and this is not going to happen automatically. The last thing you want is to get a wireless signal, only to find out that you don’t have access to the Internet anymore because your computer has “wet-wired” it. This is actually one of the main reasons that I recommend automatic connections, as you never have to worry about getting an unexpected signal.


So, how to forget a WiFi network on a Mac? Automatic connections are the answer to this problem, and here’s how you go about it. First of all, make sure that your mac does indeed support this option (some macs do not… so make sure yours does).


Next, we’ll need to look at the various networks that are available. There are a lot of ways to get access to other networks… you can be an Apple user, and use the built-in networking system that is built into every single apple product… you could download various free programs from various companies, and install them on your mac… or you could use another method… I prefer the latter. Anyways, there are two ways to get access to other networks: through your computer, or by using a specific software program.


If you’re trying to set up how to forget a WiFi network on a Mac, you need to get access to a software program. These can be downloaded for free from various websites, and work just like any other software program. Most of these programs allow you to either login to a wireless network, or to simply connect to another computer. The difference is in how the software acts once it has found a compatible network. With the free programs, the software scans your computer to see which networks will actually work… and once it finds one, it connects to them.


The free programs that I’ve mentioned above only handle two networks: one is used specifically for finding networks, while the other is used for connecting to the internet. To forget a WiFi network on a Mac, you have to use the software program with a USB stick or a wireless router. Connecting through a wireless router is preferable, because it’s easier to hide your tracks from other people. After you’ve found a compatible network and loaded the software onto your computer, you simply need to let it connect to the wireless network. It’s as simple as that!


Of course, if you really want to know how to forget a WiFi network on a Mac, you should look into one of the dedicated, paid software programs. These give you complete control over the software, and ensure that you don’t have to worry about connecting to a wireless network. You can also use passwords, and can choose which networks to connect to.


For the average user, though, the process isn’t too complicated. If you’re someone who’s looking to conserve battery life or travel a lot, you won’t really want to waste your time with complicated software. So remember that simple is best. Find a free program and just use it. If you need more advice on how to forget a WiFi network on a Mac, you might also want to check out this article. It’s filled with useful tips for anyone who’s still not sure of how to secure their Mac.


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