How to sync Fitbit with the iPhone and Apple Health App

At $400, Apple Watch isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a simple fitness tracker which counts steps, tracks workouts and your sleep, a $100 Fitbit is a great option. The only issue is that Fitbit doesn’t have native integration. Fitbit does not automatically sync sleep, steps, or workouts to your Health app. It is possible to sync your data with a third-party app. This is how to sync Fitbit and Apple Health.

How to Sync Fitbit with Apple Health Using Sync Solver for Fitbit

The best part about Apple Health’s dashboard view is its simplicity. The dashboard view allows you to see information from several fitness apps in one place. Sync Solver for Fitbit is a third-party app that allows you to add Fitbit.

It acts as a middleman for data between Fitbit and Apple Health. The app is downloaded and you link your Fitbit account to it. All data collected by Fitbit will be transferred to the app.

Next, integrate Sync Solver to Apple Health. It is an one-time process. You must grant the appropriate permissions to select the attributes that you wish to sync. Manually sync data is possible. It will take some time for the first sync to complete. It will take some time to complete the first sync. Once that’s completed, you can go into Health app and view your data.

Once the initial setup has been completed, let Sync Solver get to work. This uses Apple’s background synchronization feature. Every hour, it will sync data automatically from Fitbit to Health. It can sync between 2-4 times per day, but that’s more realistic. You can also manually sync if the sync doesn’t work. It would be best to sync only your sleep and weight data manually each morning.

Alternative: IFTTT

Alternatively, you can use an IFTTT applet to sync the data in the background, without using an app. You can also get it for free.

IFTTT has an applet that syncs sleep data from Fitbit and Apple Health. Another IFTTT applet is created by an IFTTT user and syncs all data between Fitbit and Apple Health.

Your Fitness Tracking Workflow

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