Should you Choose Iphone or Android?

If you are going to change the mobile phone, what should you choose, Android or iOS? This is a difficult question, and of course, everything depends on taste and taste. In general, the main differences between the iPhone and Android are the following:

The price

There are Android models for a few hundred apps, and you get a good phone for around 150 EUR. The cheapest iPhone model costs twice as much.
Winner: Android


There are hundreds of Android models in various sizes and shapes. On the other hand, there are only a handful of iPhone models that are almost the same. For example, if you want a phone with an extra-large screen or with a physical keyboard, you can only choose Android.
Winner: Android


Android is a more open system than the iPhone. App manufacturers, therefore, have more freedom to create smart apps. For example, you can put your calendar on the home screen and you can replace the phone’s keyboard with
a smarter one. In the iPhone, many things are locked, so you are tied to the manufacturer’s standard Apple version.
Winner: Android


In the beginning, there were a lot more apps for iPhone than for Android. Today that difference is gone. Nowadays, it is quite obvious that an app comes to both iPhone and Android. This is a draw between the two.


Since the information is now in the “cloud”, there is no major problem to switch between Android, iPhone / Ipad, and Windows. However, it becomes a bit easier to combine an Ipad with an iPhone than with an Android. You can use the same apps and you get used to the setup. In other words, the easiest thing is to have Ipad + iPhone or Android + Android. But, as I said, it is possible to combine.
Winner: iPhone

Simplicity and ease of use

Because the iPhone is so locked, it is easier to use. There is only one phone manufacturer, and it has full control over both hardware and systems and apps. The result is that everything works. Always. In the Android world, there are so many manufacturers involved that you can’t be sure that everything works together.
Winner: iPhone


Since there are so few models of the iPhone, it has been easy to develop accessories. In other words, there are plenty of smart speakers, shells, docking devices and more for iPhone. Sometimes you will even find iPhone docks in hotels. For individual Android models, the same range is not available.
Winner: iPhone


In principle, all Android phones use a cord called the USB micro to charge the phone or to connect it to a computer. These cables are everywhere and cost almost nothing. iPhone, on the other hand, uses its own charging cord, which is expensive and difficult to obtain.
Winner: Android

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