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Keeping your affiliate program in operation is difficult. Without the correct plugin, managing affiliate programs can be a nightmare. It’s not easy to invite new members, keep track of their referrals and pay everyone. There aren’t many high-quality plugins for WooCommerce that can help you manage your affiliates. Solid Affiliate was the first to hit this market.

The premium WooCommerce affiliate management plugin has been designed from the beginning. This plugin provides everything you’ll need to keep track of all your affiliates, their earnings and make sure they get paid promptly.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Solid Affiliate to see its most impressive features.

Solid Associate: The Basics

There are many well-known, established affiliate plugins already. Having launched in only 2021, Solid Affiliate is here to shake up the competition. Why does it make so many other affiliates jealous?

  • Manage your referrals and affiliates in one intuitive dashboard.
  • People with limited funds will find the lifetime pricing model more appealing than the per-year standard.
  • You can use this on any number of websites, even client sites.
  • There are no expensive add-ons that will increase the price. All features are included in the base plugin.
  • It’s simple to use and very similar to the WordPress UI that you are used to. It doesn’t require you to login into third-party websites; all information is available in your backend.
  • It includes an administrator dashboard that collects important notifications and reports into one panel.
  • An Affiliate Portal allows you to monitor your affiliates’ accounts and view statistics.
  • Powerful Paypal integration offers total control over how and when you pay, and even protects you from refund fraud.

As you can see Solid Affiliate brings a lot of value to the table. Although it isn’t as popular as other affiliate plugins it still outperforms them in many areas and at a much lower cost.

Why use a solid affiliate?

There are many reasons Solid Affiliate is worthwhile. Solid Affiliate is more difficult than other affiliate plugins. They are not as feature-rich and may struggle if you have many people.

If your current affiliate plugin doesn’t work or lacks the necessary features, switching to another one can prove difficult. It is important to choose a plugin that simplifies the processes of setting up affiliate links and managing payment payments.

In conclusion, Solid Affiliate’s WooCommerce integration doesn’t seem like an added feature, it’s a key component of the plugin.

Finally, the pricing is very reasonable. With a one-time fee of $99, you get lifetime updates and support on an unlimited number of websites. Solid Affiliate is an excellent choice if you are a designer and don’t have the budget for premium plugins.

Solid Associate’s Features

This plugin offers a lot. Everything is included in the default plugin without additional charges. We will now examine all of its main features.

Easy Setup, Easy Learning

The best thing about Solid Affiliate is how simple it is to start. It comes with a wizard to set up the plugin. This shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. The majority of steps can be completed by clicking one button.

From there you can explore the interface and add affiliates to your account. You can also set up referrals. It’s simple and intuitive. There are helpful tips and explanations so that you don’t get lost in the details.

If you get lost, you can consult Solid Affiliate’s clear and navigable documentation. This will help you to find your way.

Integrate with WooCommerce

Solid Affiliate is a WooCommerce plugin that was specifically designed for WooCommerce. It won’t function properly without WooCommerce.

It also integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions which is something that’s rare in other plugins.

Here’s a list of examples that show how Solid Affiliate can be WooCommerce-aware.

  • Track Clicks and Purchases on all types of products, even subscriptions.
  • Let your affiliates give a WooCommerce coupon code, and they will pay you when the code is used.
  • Reject referrals, if product is returned within the specified timeframe.
  • Choose the type of product or category you want to change your commission rate.
  • It marks referral sales and adds an order note.

Manage Affiliates

Solid Affiliate makes it easy to become an affiliate. Solid Affiliate makes it easy to get affiliates.

By default, sign-ups must be approved manually to limit low-quality referral spam. However, this setting can be disabled and submissions automatically approved.

After users have been approved, they will be able to use the Affiliate Portal. They can manage referral links and see how many clicks each one has, as well as track payments made.

Finally, Solid Affiliate is integrated with MailChimp. This allows you to automatically sync all your affiliates into a segmented email list so that you can easily reach them.

Set Up Referrals

Referrals is one area in which Solid Affiliate offers you complete control. These are just some of the settings that you can modify:

  • You can either set a percentage rate or a flat rate.
  • Exclude shipping or tax from commission calculations.
  • Change the subscription rates and establish a different rate for renewals.
  • Only pay for new customers. This is done with a cookie that you can modify when it expires.
  • Customize referral rates by individual affiliate, certain products, or even custom segmented affiliate groups.
  • Generate a WooCommerce coupon and pay out when it’s used.
  • Make sure to set up a grace period for refunds so affiliates are not charged for products that have been returned. Or, you can turn it off completely.
  • If a user clicks on multiple affiliate links they are credited only for the most recent.

On this page you will be able to track all of your settings, which can affect the way affiliates are paid. You also have the ability to change the priority for certain rates that you’ve created.

Referrals will be handled when someone purchases a product. However, they can still be manually added if necessary. To see how every commission is calculated, you can view all of your referrals in the dashboard.

Pay Your Affiliates

Referrals can be paid with Solid Affiliates in a very simple process. There are two choices: You can either use Solid Affiliates’ PayPal integration to pay your partner directly, or you can export a CSV with all outstanding payments for manual processing.

You’ll love using PayPal. It allows you to pay individual affiliates and bulk-pay all outstanding referrals. Although they don’t charge transaction fees, Paypal will take a percentage.

You can track past payments via the Payouts Page to ensure that there are no errors.

Creatives: Marketing Assets

Have you ever wanted to share marketing content with your affiliates like a banner advertisement, but there was no easy way to get it to everyone? Solid Affiliate makes this a non-issue.

On the Creatives page, you can upload an image, provide a description, and link to your product’s landing page. You can upload a number of images or assets, but you also have the option to write a text pitch that affiliates can embed.

Once your work is done, the assets can be accessed in a library that any affiliates may use to add them on their sites. Any creatives that are no longer needed can be removed from the Creatives Library.

Detailed Statistics

Solid affiliate keeps a detailed record of all activities in the program. When a link is clicked, a product is purchased, or an affiliate signs up, everything is logged and listed in the Reports section for easy viewing.

These reports are available in real-time, but historical trends can also be accessed. The data is displayed in clear charts and can be filtered by date ranges or specific dates.

It’s easy to understand these tables and charts. It’s all clear, concise, and simple.

Ongoing Development

Last but not least, we want to point out that Solid Affiliate continues to work on new features. Solid Affiliate’s development team is always active, adding new integrations that will make it easier to manage your affiliate programs. They are currently working to release an API open soon. You can also check the Changelog to find out when they will be released.

Additionally, you can reach out to Solid Affiliate if you are looking for a particular feature or integration. Their responsiveness and willingness to listen are impressive. In fact, they added MailChimp integration the very same week a customer requested it – that’s fast!

Final Thoughts

Finding an affordable, high-quality affiliate plugin is not easy. But Solid Affiliate excels at this task. Solid Affiliate handles all aspects of affiliate management, from referral tracking to paying out commission fees in a seamless manner.

If you have been searching for an affiliate tracker that integrates with WooCommerce, and is more than an afterthought to your search, you will find it here.

Its pricing plan is one of the most competitive on the market. Some plugins have yearly fees that are recurring and can even cut into your commissions. Solid Affiliate is well-worth the cost with its low lifetime fees, no addons that are expensive, and unlimited support.

Get Solid AffilIates

Do you have questions regarding Solid Affiliate? Have you tried this plugin? We’d love to hear your comments below.


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