Ten Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts That You Need to Know

The coronavirus epidemic has caused a huge spike in video calling and conference apps usage. Zoom has been at the forefront of this as the service has grown from just 10 million video calls daily in December to over 200 million video calls by March. Zoom is growing rapidly in spite of all security concerns. To become an expert Zoom user, you can check these keyboard shortcuts.

There are many things to love about Zoom. Zoom is great for large-scale meetings. It has many useful features, such as the ability to save meetings to the cloud and record them, and virtual backgrounds. Zoom is a popular choice because you can join any meeting from anywhere without signing up. Check out these tips and tricks to help you get the most from Zoom. Find the top keyboard shortcuts to Zoom below.

Windows PC owners note that you will need to press the Alt key instead of the Command key for almost all the shortcuts mentioned below.

The Best Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Record a Meeting

Want a quick way to record Zoom meetings? To quickly record a Zoom meeting, press Alt/Command + Shift+ R instead of messing with the settings. To start a cloud recording press Alt/Command+ Shift + C keys.

Start/Stop Video

It is recommended to turn off Zoom’s camera when you join a meeting. It is useful for multiple Zoom video calls per day, as it will allow you to keep your eyes on the background and not lose track of what’s happening. There will be times when someone may appear in the background, and you want to stop Zoom. To quickly switch between your Zoom video feeds, use Alt/Command+ Shift +V shortcut. This shortcut will become a familiar one that you’ll use often.

Push to Talk

As I explained in my Zoom tips and tricks article, you should enable the default option for audio to be muted. Although you will still need to muted yourself in order to speak during a Zoom video conference, this helps to prevent background noises from affecting a vital virtual meeting. Zoom’s handy Push toTalk feature makes it easy to turn off your background noise when you wish to talk in a video call. To temporarily turn off your mute, press the spacebar and hold it down. Every Zoom user should be familiar with this shortcut if they attend multiple Zoom meetings per day.

Screen Sharing

Want to quickly start/stop a screen sharing session in Zoom? To start or stop a Zoom screen sharing session, simply press Shift + Command/Alt+ S. This shortcut is very useful if you are using Zoom for online classes and presentation purposes.

Quickly Chat with Someone

If you’re in several Zoom virtual rooms at once, it can become quite crowded. Zoom allows you to message contacts. However, it can quickly get very crowded. You can use the Alt/Command+K shortcut to search quickly for any chat that you wish to open if you depend on Zoom for messaging colleagues. This shortcut only works if you’re in Zoom’s Chat tab.

Join a Meeting

You can enter all details for a Zoom meeting by simply pressing Alt/Command + the J keys. This is a great shortcut, especially if you are a frequent attendee of Zoom meetings. To schedule a Zoom Meeting, press the Command +D keys.

Quickly Invite People to Meetings

Want a quick way to invite someone to a Zoom meeting? To quickly invite someone to a Zoom meeting, press Alt/Command+I keys. You can then search for the contact and send an invitation email to them. Or, copy the invite URL, which you can share with them.

Show Participants Panel

If you regularly attend or hold large Zoom meetings, it may be difficult to track who is present. Sometimes, due to network problems, people may disconnect from an ongoing meeting. The Participants panel can be used to see all participants and who are present in a Zoom meeting. It is easiest to find it by pressing Alt/Command+U. To hide it, you can again press the exact same buttons.

Raise Hand

Zoom has a Raise Hand feature in which you can raise a virtual hand. Students who are attending Zoom webinars or virtual classes will find this useful. They can raise their virtual hands instead of interrupting the professor by raising their hand. Simply press Alt/Option + the Y keys to raise a virtual hands.

Mute Everyone

Not everyone is going to have the good sense of ensuring that their microphones are turned off when joining a video conference. Zoom can become a little chaotic if there are many people talking at the same time. To quickly muffle everyone but yourself, use Alt/Command + Command + Control + M. This shortcut is only available for Zoom participants and will not work with others.

More Zoom Shortcuts

Would you like to learn more about Zoom shortcuts? Zoom Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts will show you all of the Zoom shortcuts. You can customize your shortcuts to suit your needs.

What are your most favorite keyboard shortcuts to Zoom? Leave a comment to let us know!


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