WP Umbrella allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites

Creating a WordPress site is fun. How do you manage a website? It’s not so easy. It’s not difficult to manage repetitive and mundane tasks almost every day. WordPress website maintenance can quickly become tiresome if there are multiple websites.

Debugging mistakes can be a daunting task for beginners. A tool should give you an overview of all your websites, especially if you have multiple. A tool should allow you to easily manage all your websites without getting overwhelmed.

Today’s blog post introduces you to one of these tools. WP Umbrella is a WordPress management tool that’s on steroids. Ladies and gentlemen, we say hello. WP Umbrella is a WordPress management tool that makes it easy to manage one or more WordPress websites. The tool streamlines your workflow and will save you tons of time.

We cover pricing, features and then take WP umbrella for a spin. WP Umbrella, as it is known, is an essential tool for WordPress site management. Let’s get to the point. There is so much to be covered.

What is WP Umbrella?

WP Umbrella, a new service to help you manage WordPress and other websites easily. The WP Umbrella plugin is available for WordPress websites. It makes it incredibly easy to integrate the service into your WordPress website.

WP umbrella is an alternative to the older WordPress management tools like ManageWP or Main WP. It is brought to you by Thomas Deneulin and Aurelio Volle, two friends who met “…when they were around 4 years old and never lost touch, driven by their commitment to Counter Strike passion for coding.”

If you haven’t heard of the pair, they were the ones who created the innovative Image SEO Optimizer plugin. This plugin lets you optimize images for search engines. WP Umbrella, which launched in 2020, is their newest product.

The tool comes with tons of great features to make managing WordPress websites fun and easy. You’ll find out why WP Umbrella has been trusted and loved by thousands of WordPress users, including agencies and freelancers. This tool is already receiving praises from many.

Now that we have all the details, let’s see what WP Umbrella has to offer in terms of features.

WP Umbrella Features

WP umbrella offers a great set of features that allows you to monitor, manage and maintain as many WordPress sites as you wish. The setup is simple, as we’ll show you later. Let’s briefly review the main features.

Single Dashboard to Manage All Your Sites

WP Umbrella has a central dashboard that allows you to manage all your websites from one place. You can identify when things are going well by using color codes (red orange green) so that you can make a plan for your next steps.

The intuitive dashboard was created to increase productivity. It is easy to see a number of information about websites. You can view information such as uptime, performance and outdated plugins. Also, see details about hosting providers, PHP issues, security warnings and other pertinent data.

Themes and Plugin Management

Managing a WordPress website is not complete without updating themes and plugins. Manually updating multiple websites can be exhausting, especially if you manage many. Remember that WordPress plugins and themes must be updated in order to maintain security and improve functionality.

WP umbrella understands that, and has a central location where you can manage plugins and themes across all your sites like a professional. You have the option to update plugins and themes individually with a single click. You’ll be able to keep track of everything and save time.

Uptime and Performance Monitoring

Downtime and slow page loading are the worst things. You will be losing time and money if your website crashes or loads slowly. This is not to mention the impact it has on SEO, brand reputation and user experience.

WP Umbrella has powerful tools that can monitor and track your website’s uptime and performance. WP Umbrella will notify you instantly if a site is down so that you can respond before your customers get mad.

They track the performance of your pages from different locations all over the world, giving you an accurate overview of page speed and performance.

Monitoring PHP Errors From Plugins and Themes

A website with many errors can be a real pain in the neck. PHP errors can be a pain in the neck. These errors can slow down your website, consume your bandwidth and make your site vulnerable to hackers. PHP errors must be monitored closely to ensure a secure, healthy WordPress website.

WP Umbrila retrieves PHP errors from your WordPress error logs, and promptly notifies you via email or Slack if they occur. This will give you a complete picture of PHP errors that are affecting your website. The plugin also provides all of the information necessary to correct any errors.

Health Checks and Security Monitoring

Building on the previous point, it is important to have high-performance websites that are secure and performant. But, maintaining a well-functioning website requires more than fixing PHP bugs. It is important to also check the other parts of your website.

WP Umbrella provides detailed reports as well as solid tips for improving performance, security and SEO. The plugin helps you to check your SSL certificates, SEO profile, and whether any of the WordPress Constants (e.g., WP_DEBUG) are set to ‘TRUE’ (which, btw, can expose a lot of vital info to hackers).

It also checks your PHP version to see if WordPress themes, plugins and core are current.

Client Reports and White Label

Communication is essential when running a business. It’s crucial to communicate with your customers at all times.

WP Umbrella allows you to impress clients with white-labeled PDF reports. These will justify the cost of website maintenance.

White-labeled reports include your brand, which can be a powerful way to build customer trust. Client reports can be accessed in English or French at the moment, however, developers are free to send you a message to include your language.

WP Umbrella is the ideal website management tool, regardless of whether you are managing multiple sites or a WooCommerce shop that sells one product per hour.

WP Umbrella Pricing

WP Umbrella has four pricing plans. Prices range from $4 to $/month. 99/month and $99. 99/month depending on the number of websites you’d like to manage. You can sign up for a free plan and then pay for a premium one later. You can also get huge discounts on your first year and two months free if you upgrade to a yearly subscription. On top of that, they offer tailor-made plans and a 14-day free trial to boot. WordPress.org offers the WP Umbrella plugin for free download.

Now that you are familiar with WP Umbrella pricing and features, let’s install it and have some good time.

How To Install WP Umbrella

Setting Up WP Umbrella Is Super-Easy. You don’t need to be a programmer to start. We’ll show you how to do it in the next section. Don’t be surprised if you are already excited.

First, Create a Free WP Umbrella Account

Go to the main WP Umbrella website, and click the Start free trial button:

Don’t worry, it is free and will grant you access to all WP Umbrella features for 14 days. Next, fill out the short form, accept the terms of service, and hit the Register button.

Doing this will take you to your dashboard. Next, click the New Project button, as shown below.

You’re just fine. Next, enter the required details and click the Create Project button, as we highlight below.

After completing the previous step, your browser will redirect you to WP Umbrella’s dashboard. Simply click here to get your API key:

Next is all you need to do.

Installing the WP Umbrella WordPress Plugin

Log in back to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New, as shown below.

After that, enter “WP Umbrella” in the keyword search box, and click the Install Now button when the plugin appears:

After that, click Activate:

Next, navigate to Settings > WP Umbrella on your WordPress admin menu, as shown below.

Next, skip the create account section, paste the API key you copied earlier, and click Validate, as highlighted below.

If everything works out as planned, please see this:

And that’s all. Now your WordPress website is connected to WP Umbrella. You’ve made it this far, so give yourself a pat on the back. You’re a legend!

I need to speed up my website, as you can see from the screenshot. Thanks, WP Umbrella

If you manage a website for a client, and don’t wish them to see the plugin, you can hide it in your theme functions.php. file:

add_filter('wp_umbrella_is_white_label', '__return_true');

Final Thoughts, Pros & Con’s about WP Umbrella

Let’s look back at the cons and pros of┬ábefore we close this chapter.


  • The best dashboard available on the market to manage multiple sites from a single place
  • Easy install and deployment on many websites
  • Comprehensive pack of features to manage WordPress sites
  • White label client report and plugin
  • Amazing customers support
  • Frequently updated and constantly improved


  • Relatively new
  • After the trial version, the freemium is limited to PHP error monitoring and critical warnings.

Managing multiple WordPress websites is easy. WP Umbrella makes managing multiple WordPress websites easy. And at less than $10 a month for up to 3 sites, you must agree this is a great deal considering all the features you’re getting. If this was me, I’d jump at any chance to get it before the prices rise – particularly if I don’t like ManageWP and MainWP.

How can you manage WordPress websites? Do you have any thoughts on WP Umbrella We would love to hear your opinions in the comments section.


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