YouTube allows you to hide channels from recommendations; here’s how to do it on iPhone

Posted by Mahit Huilgol on Jun 26, 2019 in How To, iPhone News

YouTube’s algorithm is far from accurate when it comes to generating recommendations. When the advanced algorithm doesn’t understand what we prefer, recommendations can become annoying. YouTube now offers a feature to hide your channels from recommendation.

With this feature, you can control YouTube’s homepage and Next Suggestions. These changes have been made available for iOS and Android. The feature will soon be available on the internet. YouTube appears to be borrowing a Netflix feature. The video streaming platform will now let viewers know why they are seeing that particular video.

How to hide Channels from YouTube Recommendations on iPhone

  • Open YouTube on iOS
  • Click on the three-dot menu next to the video
  • Select “don’t recommend channel”

You can also select categories based on your interest by scrolling up on the homepage. YouTube’s recommendation system has been criticized for suggesting conspiratorial videos and pushing extremist content. YouTube’s update does not address these problems directly. However, users have the ability to choose which recommendations they wish to view and exclude from.

YouTube is known to display unrelated videos, and then push you through a maze of often irrelevant or extremist content. This issue should be fixed once and for all with the update. Do you feel the need to deactivate Google Recommendations at any time? Comment below.


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