How 5G Will Revolutionize the Business World

It is not ordinary mobile users who will benefit most from 5G

The retail, manufacturing and healthcare sectors will benefit more from 5G than the regular mobile user.

5G is seen by many as the great revolution for mobile internet. The possibilities of downloading content are endless with speeds of up to an incredible 100 GB. Although the regular mobile user will also benefit from 5G, there are areas where 5G will have an even greater impact.

It is the companies and the healthcare sector that will experience the biggest changes as 5G opens up for completely new ways of working. The ability to quickly transmit data that 5G technology offers when combined with other technologies, will give rise to new, intelligent networks. These networks will consist of sensors that collect data, artificial intelligence (AI) that interprets – and can also act on – data and so the 5G network that quickly sends data between different units and parts of a company.

New opportunities for retail

E-commerce gained a huge boost when 4G was introduced because suddenly it was consumers who were in power over where and when they would shop. The stores have since then tried to keep up with and adapt their offerings to this development. Now, 5G and AI will make the shopping experience even more personal for the individual consumer.

Using virtual reality (VR technology), you as a customer will be able to visit virtual stores and try out clothes on a virtual model with exactly your personal dimensions. At the same time, the stores will be able to provide much better customer service, which will also be available around the clock. For both consumers and stores, all these new choices will mean a change, and this change will require adaptation.

Better and more detailed control in the production companies

The products on the store shelves have a shorter lifespan and at the same time, consumers have high expectations that new products are constantly coming out.

This puts pressure on manufacturing companies to automate and digitize their operations. 5G will here also be linked with other technologies, e.g. sensors (the Internet of Things) and AI, and companies in various industries will have completely new opportunities to, in the smallest detail, monitor and control production and inventory. The intelligent networks enable direct connection to all stages of production, warehousing, and transport so that you can follow the products in real-time from production to cash register.

The combination of fast networks, AI and constantly connected sensors makes it possible to automate far more processes than you previously could. The direct communication between machine and man becomes lightning fast. For example, it will also be possible to remotely control heavy and dangerous machines. In short, we will be able to remotely control and monitor processes and systems to an extent never before experienced.

The healthcare sector will receive more reliable information about patients

The healthcare system is also facing major changes. At the hospitals, 5G will be able to quickly exchange information about patients, their medical records, organ donations and other important information. The healthcare staff can spend less time on information transfer and more time on the treatment of patients. With the help of internet-connected sensors, patients will have access to care 24/7. This becomes a useful alternative for patients who would otherwise have to travel far to see a doctor.

Rapid expansion

The future may be closer than you think. In the past, the only way to get fast internet has been with fiber, but with 5G it will change fast. Instead of having to dig into the ground to lay a fiber optic cable, you can use a 5G wireless connection in the future. This is much faster and cheaper. It will make it much easier to access 100 GB networks and faster than before. This also enables the use of IoT and AI, regardless of distance.

5G turns into 6G innovation

There is no doubt that 5G will spread quickly in the world. This also makes these parts of the world that are fast to adopt 5g perfect for developing future technologies.

Endless possibilities

The opportunities offered by 5G are enormous – faster networking, increased efficiency, automation of multi-step processes and faster and more stable connections. But – all this requires the right infrastructure and devices, ie. devices that can reach the 5G network and an infrastructure that can operate and support data centers, devices and worldwide networks while delivering the high speeds and short delays needed to create networks that can maintain as high speeds as 100 GB.

Therefore, it is important for industry-leading companies, developers and engineers to collaborate with governments and other organizations to build a common infrastructure and devices that can run the future of 5G networks. The 5G infrastructure will also be an important platform for the construction of 6G. Here we and others with us have already started the development. So – if we together can build a strong joint network, it is only the imagination that sets the boundaries for the goals that the companies can achieve in the future.

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