How to Download AppValley

How to Download AppValley

AppValley is an iOS alternative to the iOS App Store. It’s free, and it contains thousands of mod apps and games. Here are the essential facts.

AppValley Features

AppValley offers all this content for free:

  • App Store Apps – Official iOS Apps and Games
  • AppValley Apps – Unofficial Content, including Cydia Tweaks, Cymia Emulators, and media streamers
  • Tweaked Apps: Stock apps with new features
  • Modified Games – Stock games with all the in-app bonuses and features unlocked

How to download AppValley

AppValley is simple to install

  1. Tap on the config profile link in the AppValley page.
  2. Tap Allow on the next page, then tap Install
  3. Open Settings app, tap Install Profile
  4. Enter your passcode to open Safari browser
  5. Click on Install AppValley and then tap Install
  6. Once you have finished setting up, click Install > Next to continue.
  7. AppValley will appear on your home screen when you click it. This means that the app has been installed and is ready to go.

How to use AppValley

  1. AppValley can be launched from your homepage
  2. Tap Apps in the Menu Bar
  3. Tap an app category
  4. Search for an app or game to find it – the search bar is available to assist you
  5. Tap on the app that you like and then click Install
  6. The app icon will be added to your home screen

We answer your most frequent questions about AppValley.

How do I fix the untrusted developer error?

This is possible with almost all unofficial content, and it’s easy to fix.

  1. Open iOS Settings > General > Profiles
  2. Tap on the name of the developer from the error message, and then tap Trust
  3. The error should not now appear

Is my warranty safe?

Yes. AppValley doesn’t require you to jailbreak the device. It is therefore legal to use. It won’t allow you to bypass any Apple iOS security. You may need to delete any tweaks you have downloaded. However, you can always reinstall them later.

App cannot be downloaded/verified – Why not?

Apple has likely revoked the app certification, as they do with all unofficial content. It is likely that the developers are updating it. Wait a few hours, and then try again. If it doesn’t, you can delete it and reinstall. Another error message that you may receive is “Can’t connect to AppValley”. This is the same thing, so please wait until it happens again.

Is it possible to request a specific app?

Yes. Just use the official developer twitter feed. They may not be able honor all requests due to how many they receive.

Common AppValley Errors:

AppValley is trusted, but some users report a few errors. These errors are simple to fix.

Blank/White Screen, or Greyed Icon

It’s easy to do:

  1. Open Settings > Safari
  2. Clear Site Data

Screen and/or icon should now look normal.

AppValley Stops Working

Apple can’t verify developer or app source. You can, however:

  1. Reinstall AppValley by deleting it
  2. Open iOS Settings > General, and then go to Profiles
  3. Tap on the name of the developer and tap Verify
  4. Close Settings and the app should be working again

Invalid Argument Supplied Error

It looks worse than it really is.

  1. Delete AppValley
  2. It should be reinstalled and the device turned off.
  3. Turn it on again, then open AppValley. Go into the settings
  4. Wait for any updates and then try again. The error should now be fixed

You cannot download

This is another common mistake that can be easily fixed

  1. Delete AppValley
  2. Reboot your device, and then reinstall the app. It will now work

Profile Installation Failed:

This is usually caused by too many users. Wait for a while, then go back and try again. These steps can be used if the error persists after several attempts.

  1. Allow Airplane mode to be enabled on your iOS device
  2. Open Settings > Safari
  3. Clear Your History and Website Data
  4. Tap to Clear Your History and Data
  5. Allow your device to remain in Airplane mode for a few minutes before you disable it.
  6. Install AppValley again and it should work without any problems/

My AppValley Apps Are Broken

This is due to Apple revoked the certificate. However, you can easily prevent it from happening. When you install AppValley, install the recommended VPN. This will protect your data, app certificates, privacy, and identity. However, free VPNs may not be as secure as paid VPNs and they are less reliable.

AppValley is one the most popular third-party app installs. It offers a wide range of apps, games, and many more. Get it now and join millions of other users.


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