The Differences Between an Android Tablet and iPad

Tablets and iPads are incredibly popular for playing or watching movies and shows. Between smartphones and computers, they have an important place in many people’s lives. iPads and tablets are portable, easy to carry and offer a larger and more easy-to-read and watch screen compared to a smartphone.

Tablets have a wide array and usage areas. They have many different usage areas and are used widely across industries. But what’s the difference between an Android tablet and an iPad? And which one of them fits you best?

In this article, we will look closer at the difference between Android tablets and iPads, as well as what you can use them for.

Usage areas of Android tablets and iPads

Breakfast surfing

The tablet is great for reading the news at the breakfast table. The laptop is too clumsy and sensitive, so, therefore, the tablet is absolutely perfect for the job.

Couch computer

The tablet is great for when surfing in the TV couch. Here, you can imagine that the laptop would work just as well, but since the tablet starts so fast, is smaller and more convenient, has no fan or disturbing sound to it, it is ideal for when sitting in the couch.

Working accessories

The tablet is ideal when working with emails. It makes it easy to access your email whenever and wherever.

Children’s Programs

You may have seen that it is common for parents to give the tablet to the children so they can sit down in peace and watch a film or children’s programs on TV. No matter where you are – in the car, on the beach, in bed, or on the couch, it always works perfectly to simply turn on a program or film when you need it.


The tablet is really great when you want to watch clips or videos on YouTube. It is often much more comfortable to sit and watch a movie or clip on the tablet compared to a computer.

Media Center / Multi remote control

If you have the pleasure of having a Mac mini connected to your home theater, you now have in your hand the perfect multi-remote control. Install Plex / nine on mac-mini and buy the PLEX program on the App Store and you have your entire music, movie, and TV library available wherever you have access to WIFI. Even 3G but the picture quality is too poor for it to be enjoyable. With this ultimate combination, you can now either choose movie / TV episodes on the couch or choose to watch the entire section of the iPad from the bed. You might start watching a movie on the couch on the big TV, but then go to bed and put the kids on, and then you can watch right where you left off.


Of course, tablets are a great gaming computer. It makes it easy to start playing a game with an app whenever you are bored or waiting for something.

Differences Android vs iPad

Android or Ipad? Ultimately, the answer is primarily about taste and preference. There are advantages to both systems


The biggest difference between an Android tablet and an iPad is that they have different operating systems, which, like computers and mobile phones, have a major impact on the user experience.

Tablets from Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, and Huawei use the Android operating system developed by Google, while the iPad uses iOS developed by Apple.

With Android, you have virtually endless possibilities to customize your tablet to your personal taste in terms of looks, buttons, brightness, and performance. Also, Android supports the use of memory cards which is also an advantage.


Apple’s iOS operating system is perfectly integrated with iPhone and Mac and extremely easy to use. Apple is great at getting the technical features to work on most of their devices when a new operating system is released.

An iPad usually costs more than an Android tablet – although the price difference is often justified for the higher quality. You can get an Android tablet for less than €200, in some cases under €100, while the cheapest iPad costs over €400.

Which is best, an Android tablet or iPad?

When it comes to what you should choose, an Android tablet or iPad, take into account what gadgets you have apart from the tablet.

A good tip is to choose the same operating system as you have in your mobile phone. Then all content, such as apps, pictures, and contacts will automatically be synchronized and the devices will work together in an optimal way. Another advantage is that you do not have to learn a new system, with new buttons, apps, and functions since these are usually the same on the smartphone as on the tablet (or as on the iPhone and iPad). Furthermore, anyone who has purchased apps for their Android phone can also use them on their Android tablet. If you change to Ipad, you have to buy them again.

Android VS iPad

Advantages of Ipad:
+ High security. An iPad is more heavily regulated than an Android tablet, so the risk of viruses/malware, etc is less.
+ Less hassle. Since Apple is responsible for both for the hardware and the software, they can build a product that rarely fails. In the Android world, more people are involved in the mix between software and hardware.
+ Better design. Apple is generally good at making great products with a clean and user-friendly design.

Benefits of Android:
+ Low price. In general, Android gives more for the money than Apple products.
+ More flexible. The Android system is less locked than iOS, which is used in the iPad. This means that it is easier to adapt it to your own wishes.
+ Greater freedom of choice. There is a much wider range of tablets and phones running Android, which allows you to find a product that suits you.


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