The Differences Between an Android Tablet and iPad

The differences between a tablet with Android and an iPad

Tablets and iPads are incredibly popular for playing or watching movies and shows. They are light and flexible to carry. They are often used in school and are good help for homework. But what’s the difference between an Android tablet and an iPad? And which one of them fits you best?

Differences Android vs iPad


The biggest difference between an Android tablet and an iPad is that they have different operating systems, which, like computers and mobile phones, have a major impact on the user experience.

Tablets from Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, and Huawei use the Android operating system developed by Google, while the iPad uses iOS developed by Apple.

With Android, you have virtually endless possibilities to customize your tablet to your personal taste in terms of looks, buttons, brightness and performance. Also, Android supports the use of memory cards is also an advantage


Apple’s iOS operating system is perfectly integrated with iPhone and Mac and extremely easy to use. Apple is adept at getting the technical features to work on most of their devices when a new operating system is released.

An iPad usually costs more than an Android tablet – although the price difference is often justified for the higher quality. You can get an Android tablet for less than €200, in some cases under €100, while the cheapest iPad costs over €400.

Which is best, an Android tablet or iPad?

When it comes to what you should choose, an Android tablet or iPad, take into account what gadgets you have before.

A good tip is to choose the same operating system as you have in your mobile phone. Then all content, such as apps, pictures, and contacts will automatically be synchronized and the devices will work together in an optimal way. Another advantage is that you do not have to learn a new system, with new buttons, apps, and functions since these are usually the same on the smartphone as on the tablet (or as on the iPhone and iPad).

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