UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin Review

UberMenu—WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is #1 WordPress Mega Menu plugin. It’s a responsive mega menu WordPress plug-in that allows you to create creative menus. UberMenu’s interface is simple and very customizable.

It has both a grid system and an individual layout. To create beautiful menu layouts, it uses Controls for each menu item.

UberMenu WordPress plugins:

  1. It is responsive and mobile optimized.
  2. It is compatible with WooCommerce.
  3. More than 100 Font Awesome Icons included.
  4. You can also find 25+ Google Fonts.
  5. It features an Enhanced Item Set UI.
  6. 50+ configurable settings.

Mobile optimized and responsive :

  • It is therefore 100% responsive.
  • It can be configured to have a Breakpoint.
  • You can hide items to fit different screen sizes.

WooCommerce compatible

UberMenu works with WooCommerce. UberMenu allows you to create your shop menu.

  • WooCommerce product items can be displayed with dynamic prices and sales badges.
  • The built-in Cart Summary shortcode displays the current item count, total, or both.
  • To display a mini-cart within your submenu, use the widget of WooCommerce.

More than 100 Font Awesome Icons included

UberMenu includes 100+ Font Awesome Icons. You can also use Icons Extensions for more than 1500 icons.

Enhanced Item Settings User Interface

UberMenu now offers enhanced item settings UI. Each menu item comes with an advanced settings panel that can be toggled without expanding it. Each panel is saved separately via AJAX so you don’t have to re-save the entire menu every time you need to change a setting.

Advanced Sub-menu Layout

  1. Automatic integration is possible for all themes.
  2. This is the manual integration code that is generated in Control Panel. Automatic integration is not supported by these themes
  3. This widget allows you to add UberMenu to your theme’s widget areas.

UberMenu won’t automatically adopt your theme if it doesn’t have a UberMenu-specific styling sheet. You’ll have to modify the styles to create it. If that’s what it is you desire

Hero Menu is one of most popular mega menu plugins at Code Canyon. UberMenu is far and away the most used option with more than 85,000 sale.

So why do people love UberMenu so much? It provides a grid system to base your mega menus upon. You can create your own grid system of columns and rows, and then add any content that you like.

UberMenu allows you to add custom HTML. Shortcodes, widgets and many other features are available in UberMenu.

After you have your menu content created, you can modify over 50 style settings via the native WordPress customizer interface to see real-time previews.

UberMenu has dynamic item generation that allows you to create sub-menus based upon categories, posts, custom types of post, and other factors. If you have lots of information, you can add tabs to your mega menus.

Each mega menu you create must be responsive and touch-enabled.

You can also choose from three different menu triggers and a range of CSS3 dropdown transitions.

  • Hover
  • Hover intent
  • Click

UberMenu is an excellent choice for sites that want a popular, feature-rich mega-menu plugin.

UberMenu also has an admin dashboard that allows you to manage all its features. You can also adjust the column width, add shortcodes and custom HTML to your menus and view your changes live in preview mode.

UberMenu makes it easy to create customized Mega Menus on your WordPress site. This plugin is one of CodeCanyon’s most popular WordPress Mega Menu options. It works straight out of the box to create fully responsive, touch-enabled, menus that work across all platforms. This plugin is easy to use and integrates with WordPress 3 Menu Management System. It allows you to quickly create advanced submenu layouts within a system you already know how to use.

The plugin can be customized to create a Mega Menu that matches your website. You can generate menu content from dynamic items. You can customize colours, fonts, design elements and more with simple CSS selectors. This plugin allows you to choose from multiple layouts and configure click and hover behavior. You can also show or hide content depending on screen size.

UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin Review


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